Monday, December 31, 2007

EXPIRED - Make money after rebate! - Kasper Internet Security 7.0

Update 10:50 pm: price is now $65, which makes it just free after rebate.

Buy the Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0 3-user direct from amazon for $56.99 with free shipping. There is a $65 rebate that expires today (December 31). price after rebate is -$8.01!

If you already have a previous version of Kaspersky Internet Security, you can get an additional $25 rebate for upgrading to this one. Go to

Sunday, December 30, 2007

EXPIRED: Kodak: 20 free 4 x 6" prints and Free Photo Mug!

Sign up for a new Kodak account and get 20 free 4 x 6" prints and a free 11 oz photo mug.

If you want a 15 oz photo mug instead, choose the 15 oz and apply code: SWEETRETURN at checkout.

Shipping total is $5.50 - Great price for a nice mug.

Most photo sites will give free prints for signing up but a free photo mug is unusual.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Review: Google Checkout - Free credit card processing!

Update: As of February 1, 2008 Google charges a 2% processing fee plus 20¢ per transaction. Donations to non-profit organizations are still free though!

Google has an amazing product called Google Checkout which allows anyone to easily process credit card transactions.

Google Checkout means totally free credit card processing! All other credit card processing companies withhold a percentage of the amount charged to the card. In addition to that, there are fees per transaction etc.

I personally have used Google Checkout to charge tuition for a camp I ran last summer, and it worked flawlessly.

Why would you use this even if you don’t have a store?

  • Someone owes you money
  • You want to sell something (either online or not)
  • You want to charge for a service (i.e. camp, tutoring etc.)

If someone needs to pay you a sum of money, and cash isn’t the best option, just send them a Google checkout invoice via email. They pay you, using their credit card which they already have on file with Google.

Google will give you the FULL amount.
If you send someone a bill for $100, Google will deposit the full $100 in your bank account! No credit card processing fees at all!

(When they first sign up with Google, they should really do it by buying something which will give them $10.00 off their purchase (might expire Dec. 31, 2007 - Update Jan 1st: still working! ). Buying this 1GB Flash Drive at will be FREE with Google checkout.)

All this will last until February 1, 2008 at which time Google will start charging a 2% processing fee plus 20¢ per transaction.

Miles-obsessed individuals could surely figure a way to get lots of miles out of this…

Click here to sign up for Google Checkout.


If you are a non-profit organization however, Google will allow you to get donations with no fees until 2009!!! So you can put up a Google Checkout button on your site for donations. You will receive the full amount that was donated.

If you are a non-profit, be sure to take advantage of this amazing offer!

Click here if you are a Non Profit organization.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Four-Piece Mug Set - $5 W/Free Shipping!

Update 02/17/08: Free shipping on all orders till 02/23
Update 12/29: Shipping is now only free for orders over $50.

Staples has these coffee mugs on clearance sale for $5 with free next-day shipping!

I just got these and they are quite nice. Artsy design, solid feel.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

EXPIRED: Hurry! Linens 'n Things - Black & Decker sale!

Starting December 26th, get any of these products for $29.99 and they will send you a $25 Gift Card to spend at Linens 'n Things. With each item you buy, you get another $25 card.

Click here
for the rebate form

If you like to shop at Linens 'n Things, this is an amazing deal!

Hurry, these will not last long!

Black & Decker SmartBrew 12 Cup Digital Coffee Maker

Black & Decker 4 Slice Toaster Oven

Black & Decker ProBlend 12 Speed Blender

Black & Decker 9.6 volt Cyclonic Dustbuster

Black & Decker Press 'n Dress Iron

Choose in store pick-up to save on shipping!

Remember, the $25 rebate is not cash, it’s a gift card at Linens 'n Things (which expires after 120 days).

So, If you live near a LNT store (no shipping charges...) and you like to shop there (so you will have good use for the gift card), then this deal is amazing.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Review: Free credit report –

Did you know that you can get your credit report for free? (yes, totally free, without signing up for any promotions!)

You can get your report once a year from each of the three credit reporting agencies, which are Transunion, Equifax and Experian.

You can either get all three of them at the same time, or get one every few months.

Why check your credit report?

When you apply for a credit card or any type of credit (mortgage, telephone etc), the company will first check your credit report to ensure that you will be a customer of good standing. This will help the company determine what line of credit you should get (if any).

You should check your credit reports to make sure it is all correct. You can also make sure that no one stole you’re identity - for real! If you find mistakes, tell the reporting agency to correct it.

Note: This does not get you a free credit score, only your credit report.

Related article:
Credit Help And Advice

Thursday, December 20, 2007

EXPIRED - Hot! - Mini Vacuum cleaner - $9.99 on Amazon - Free shipping!

Update 11:15 am: Deal dead
Do you need a portable vacuum cleaner?
Get a Black and Decker CHV9600 9.6-Volt Cyclonic DustBuster on for $9.99
Reg. price is $28.99!
If you don't see the $9.99 price, click on"Used and new from $9.99", and get it direct from Amazon.
or click here
Eligible for free standard shipping - even if you just buy one!
Won't last long!
Buy 3 get the 4th free!
Get 4 for $29.97 with free shipping!
Only downside is that it won't ship till the end of January.

Monday, December 17, 2007

EXPIRED: Hurry! - $20 off a night!!! - Coupon

Enter code: EMLT2A1

It will take $20 off your hotel room price as long as the hotel room cost more then $20 a night before coupon.

You can use this code even if you are staying just for one night!
So if you need a few nights, reserve one night at a time.
(You might need to delete cookies in between bookings)

Cheap hotels can come out to about $6 total! (maybe less)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

EXPIRED - Canon SD800 IS - $199.94 - Free Shipping

Update Sunday 10:35 am: Deal dead (price now $229.94)

Canon PowerShot SD800 IS 7.1MP Digital Elph Camera with 3.8x Wide Angle Image-Stabilized Optical Zoom

Amazon is selling the Canon SD800 for $199.94 - free shipping!
A great price for a great camera.
If you are looking for such a camera, get it now before it sells out.

Coupon no longer available - Order it today and receive a coupon for a 12-month photo calendar (a $19.99 value) from Shutterfly!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

EXPIRED - Creative Live! Cam with Voice. FREE AR!

Update Friday 3:45 pm: Dead (seems to be going in and out of stock)
Update Friday 11:00 am: Alive again
Update 11:40 pm: Deal dead

Get this Creative webcam
from Amazon for free after $60 mail in rebate.
Doesn't have amazing reviews, but hey it's free.

EXPIRED - Dell XPS M1530 Laptop fully loaded $1,024

Update 9:50 pm : Deal dead

Dell Home has a very well equipped XPS m1530 15" laptop for $1024 or $993 if paying with Dell Preferred Account with free shipping.
  1. Click here
  2. Upgrade the laptop until you reach $1499 or above
  3. Apply coupon N148DK363R6WB0 for $200 off
  4. Your final total is $1524 - $300 auto off - $200 coupon N148DK363R6WB0 = $1024 or $993 if you are paying with DPA (Dell Preferred Account)

Review: Grand Central - Free virtual phone line!

Update: GrandCentral Upgrades To Google Voice!
Update 04/25:
Grand Central currently is not allowing invites. Hopefully its only temporary!, currently in Beta, is an amazing phone tool. And its totally FREE.

It gives you your own local number anywhere in the US which you in turn can forward to any number in the US, along with a whole lot of features.
  • Check your messages by phone, email, or online
  • Keep all your messages online for eternity
  • Forward, download, and add notes to your messages
  • Record and store your phone calls (just like voicemail)
  • Quickly (and secretly) block an annoying caller
  • Click-to-dial from your address book
  • Surprise your callers with a custom voicemail greeting
  • Hear who is calling before you answer the phone.
Why would you want it?

1) If you keep on changing numbers and want to have just one number that you can always be reached on, you don't have to keep on notifying all your contacts of a new number, because you can just make your Grand Central number forward calls to the new number.

2) If you are moving to another state, but keeping your cell phone and original number, and want to have a local number where people can reach you on. Get a Grand Central local number where you live, forward all calls to that number to your cell phone, keep your old phone (and number) and jut tell people your Grand Central number.

3) If you want people to always be able to reach you: if Grand Central usually reaches your home phone and you'll be away for a while, you can make it reach a phone at your destination... or your cell phone while you're en route.

4) If you have a basic landline without Caller ID or voicemail (i.e. you have Lifeline). If you give people the GrandCentral number, it will provide you with those features for free!

5) If your plan doesn't include long distance, you can use Grandcental to call anywhere in the US or Canada.

6) If you have internet on your phone you call Canada for free (just using your regular minutes) using Grand Central Mobile.

7) You can listen in to someone leaving you a message, then decide if you want to answer that call or not.

8)If you answer the phone on your cell phone, you can transfer the call to your landline just by clicking *.

Check out their site for everything it can do.

Make sure to read the review on The Gizmo Project to make this really work for you.

Google claims the basic forwarding service will always be free. What exactly they consider the 'basic' part I am not sure, but for now everything is free.

As of now you need to get invited by another Grand Central user. Post a comment or email me at for an invite.

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