Monday, January 14, 2008

EXPIRED: Run! Lamps and Vases $2.22 - Free Shipping! has these Lamps and Vases for $2.22 - Free Shipping!
Orders will probably get canceled, but hey, you never know.

Also great if you want to buy other things at and need to add more items to reach $25 to get free shipping. Even if they cancel your order of lamps or vases, you will still get free shipping on the other items.


Levi said...

We regret to inform you that an error caused the following item(s) to
be displayed at an incorrect price:

In accordance with our posted policies on pricing, we are unable to
offer this item for the incorrectly posted price. Therefore, we have
cancelled your order for this item.

shame!!! said...

Same here.

You win some, you lose some.

Price mistakes on items that are out of stock are much more likely to be canceled than those in stock. They often do go through.

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