Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Review: Cheap Car Rentals!

How to get a cheap car rental!

Next time you want to rent a car, check Hotwire and Priceline. Priceline is often 15-20% less then Hotwire's prepaid rate. Sometimes though Hotwire is cheaper, so check both.

They even have great prices on rental cars in NY, which is usually an expensive city for car rentals. I found cars for as low as $18.00 a day at JFK. And in Orlando I've rented for as low as $6.95 a day!

If you need a car for a few days, make sure to check the prices for a full week, as sometimes a weekly rate could come out cheaper than 5-6 days!

Hotwire Car Rentals:
You pick the location, date, time and car type. Hotwire will give you one of two options:

  • Hotwire Discount Rates: Hotwire tells you a price. You only see which company you are getting after you pay. It’s not risky though, as Hotwire and Priceline only work with major companies, like Avis, Hertz, National, Budget and Enterprise. So you won’t end up with a car from an unknown company.

    be sure you are getting the cheapest price, go to priceline.com and try to name your own price. Make it 15% lower than Hotwire's price and see if it gets accepted. Make sure the total price is lower, not just the actual daily rate.
  • Regular Hotwire Rates: (You will usually get this rate when Hotwire doesnt have a prepaid rate for that car/day) Hotwire will tell you which companies have which rates; you reserve and pay when you pick up the car. A similar site is carrentals.com.
    When Hotwire offers you such a rate, chances are even higher that you will get a better rate bidding on Priceline.com.
One way rentals: Hotwire does not have one-way rentals. Try Priceline.

Priceline Glitch: Amazing!
With Car rental there is a glitch on Priceline. It lets you keep on changing back and forth between two locations however many times you want.
So, say you want to rent a car in JFK, you start out with $8. If it gets declined, switch to LGA and bid $1, which definitely gets declined, then go back to JFK and enter $9… and so on and so forth.
It seems to work sporadically, so don't rely on this glitch to work all the time.

Another site to check is simplywheelz.com. They are a subdivision of Hertz, and have good prices, though only in very few locations.


Anonymous said...

i found carrental.com to be really cool
i just rented a premium car for $11/day from enterprise lax (full plus upgrade)

Anonymous said...

jfk and lga sometimes harrass you and wont let you rent unless you flew in

BuyRightSpendLess.com said...

Thanks for the info!
Do you mean Carrentals.com?

In LAX Hotwire.com and Carrentals.com seem to ring up the same prices for major car rental companies.
In JFK, Hotwire is giving much better rates than carrentals.com. That's because in JFK Hotwire is giving the "Hotwire Discount Rate", which is a prepaid rate.

Renting out of JFK: I rent with Avis all the time out of JFK and never had that problem.
I have heard that people sometimes have issues with Enterprise, only allowing you to rent if you flew in.

This shouldn't be a problem when renting via Hotwire, as the rental fee has already been prepaid to Hotwire.

Anonymous said...

If you rent thru Hotwire or Priceline does your credit card still cover the CDW?

BuyRightSpendLess.com said...

Yes, it will still cover the CDW(Collision Damage Waiver).

You have to make sure to use that card when paying for the car on Priceline or Hotwire!

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