Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Review: The Gizmo Project – Free US Phone Line Anywhere In The World!

Get a totally free US phone line, anywhere in the world, for incoming and outgoing calls! All you need is high-speed internet and a headset.

Just follow these steps:

1. Read the review Grand Central - Free virtual phone line.

2. Download the Gizmo Project. (An internet based calling program similar to AIM Talk and Skype. It allows you to make and receive phone calls to/from anyone else who uses Gizmo Project.)

3. Forward your Grandcentral number to your Gizmo Project.

  • How?
    After you have signed up for Grandcentral and Gizmo Project, go to Grandcentral and add your Gizmo Project SIP Number as a calling number.
  • Q. What number?
    . Open your Gizmo Project program, click Edit >My Profile, you will see a box labeled ‘SIP number’ it will look something like this 17477654321@proxy01.sipphone.com, copy the SIP Number, just the digits, excluding the first digit (1), as a Grandcentral forwarding number.
    SIP Number: 17477654321@proxy01.sipphone.com
    Put into Grandcentral:

4. Give out your Grandcentral number to anyone in the world, even your grandmother who doesn’t have internet access. Remember, the Grandcentral number can be dialed from any traditional phone.

Incoming calls: When someone dials the Grandcentral number, your gizmo on the computer rings!
Outgoing calls: If you want to make calls you click to call from your Grandcentral account online.

If you are currently out of USA: you will need someone in USA to set up Grandcentral for you, as Grandcentral does not let you register from outside the US. Once you are registered though, you can access the site from anywhere in the world.

Note: Just bear in mind that Google might decide one day to start charging for some of the Grandcentral features (e.g. click to call)

Take it to the next level:

1) Buy a USB phone and connect it to the computer.

2) If you have a old Voip box, e.g. Sunrocket, you can connect the Voip box to your gizmo project account. Using a VOIP box will allow you to have a totally free phone line, using a traditional phone and the computer won’t even need to be on to receive phone calls. To read abut this option click here.


shliach said...

Shmuly, Thanks for the post.

Also a must to check out is Gizmo5 using it from your cell phone

Anyone try it out, and hear the sound quality?

you should get 0.25 Credit when sighning up, if not you can ask them and they will give it to you.

Anonymous said...

I tried it and it says enter a US NUMBER
anyway to get around taht

BuyRightSpendLess.com said...

Where exactly is it telling you to enter a US number?

If you mean when you are first trying to set up Grandcentral, then yes, you will need a regular US number to activate Grandcentral.

Once you have activated Grandcentral, you can add the Gizmo number and delete the original regular US number that you entered. (Or leave them both...)

Hope this answered your question.

Anonymous said...

HI when I enter the number 7472788671
it tells me to enter a valid us or canadien number

BuyRightSpendLess.com said...

The 747 number is not a regular US number, it is a special Gizmo Project number.

Once you have used a regular us phone number to activate, add the Gizmo number. There is a drop down menu on Grand Central where you enter the number, choose Gizmo.

Shliach2 said...

Even with "Take it to the next level" (I have a SIP box available to use), there seems that there is still no way to make outbound calls free unless you have a computer (for that purpose) since the Gizmo folks will charge you $0.02 per minute for outbound, even within the USA and GC necessities the use of a computer for outbound calls.

Any Ideas to make free outbound calls within the USA, free, just using a an VOIP SIP box?

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