Monday, January 21, 2008

Review: Shopping Tips - Buy Gift Cards - Must Read!

Before you shop anywhere, read this!

Next time you want to purchase something, either online or in-store, check eBay to see if anyone is selling a gift card to that store. They often sell for 10% -20% less than the gift card amount. So, if you are looking to spend $25 at a store, you might find a $25 gift card on eBay for $20 or a $100 gift card for $80.

Prices are so low because many people get gift cards as presents and want to get rid of them.

Gift cards work just like cash in all stores. So it will work in addition to any discounts or coupons you might already have for that store. (Try to Google coupons for the store.)

I do this myself all the time and it works like a charm.

Note: If you want the item to be covered by your Amex (e.g. Buyers Assurance) then you should buy the item directly on your Amex credit card. If you buy a gift card and then use the gift card for the purchase, you won't be covered.


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