Sunday, March 2, 2008

Compaq Presario F750US Notebook And Printer - $399.96 - Free Shipping!

Staples has the
Compaq Presario F750US - Notebook PC

HP DeskJet D1455 - Inkjet Printer
for $399.96 after easy rebate with free shipping!
This is a budget laptop for a great price.
The rebates are easy rebates, no need to mail anything.

Laptop: $629.98 - $150 instant savings - $30 easy rebate = $449.98
Printer: $69.98 - $70 easy rebate = -$0.02.
Use a $50 off $500 coupon (Get one from eBay, now selling for $1.00) -$50.00
Total price = $399.96
Tax will be added where applicable.

First come first serve - Here is a one-time use $50 off $500 coupon:
2772 5883 0711 2256
Please post a comment or email me when used.

Note: This is the same deal that was up on 01/27.


Anonymous said...

I see that you have here about Amex's premium Rental Insurance. (I didn't post this there because it is such an old post) I have been using it for a while but I have a question. When does it take effect, when I show my card before the rental or when I pay for the rental -retroactively? i.e. I am wondering if I can use a different card to pay and skip the $20 fee if nothing happens... you know what I mean? Any clue if this works? said...

I don't remember personally trying it, but I believe it takes effect when you actually pay for the rental. So, if you pay with a different card (non-Amex) you shouldn't be charged the $19.95 fee.

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