Sunday, March 23, 2008

Review: T-Mobile Prepaid Cell Phone

Do you need a cell phone but rarely use it - say under 200 minutes a month? Do you live out of the States but often visit? A prepaid cell phone might be the best option for you. T-mobile has the best prepaid prices that I have seen! There is no contract, so you can cancel whenever you want.

If you don't use it often, you can have a US cell phone for as low as $10 a year, after an initial $100 investment! The way it works is, if you prepay $100 you get 1000 minutes (10 cents a minute) and those minutes don’t expire for a full year. Once you have added $100 you automatically become a Gold Member for life.

Depending on how much money you add, the amount of minutes you get will vary:

$10 = 30 minutes (exp 30 days)
Gold Member = 35 minutes (exp 1 year)

$25 = 130 minutes (exp 90 days)
Gold Member = 150 minutes (exp 1 year)

$50 = 400 minutes (exp 90 days)
Gold Member = 460 minutes (exp 1 year)

$100= 1000 minutes (exp 1 year)

So obviously when you add $100 you will be getting the most value.

Every time you add money, ALL your minutes that you have on your phone will extend till the expiration of the minutes you just added. So, just before the first year is over, if you add $10 to your phone (which will give you 35 minutes), all your minutes will last a 2nd year. If you don't use your phone much, it will just cost you as low as $10 a year!

You can often buy the refill cards for 10-20% cheaper then the regular price (sometimes even less) on eBay. Or get them at $100 card for $88 with coupon code ephonecoupon.

T-mobile Link (Click on the left side of the page where it says "T-Mobile Prepaid') They have a nice selection of decently priced phones, e.g The Nokia 2610 for $29. All phones have free shipping and come preloaded with 10 minutes of airtime.

If you already have a T-mobile phone (or an unlocked GSM phone) then all you need is a Sim card which T-Mobile sells for only $4.99.

Every once in a while T-Mobile has a promotion where you get a free $25 refill card for purchasing a phone. So if you are not in a rush to get a phone, you can check again in a few days.

Note: You must activate the phone within 30 days of purchase, or else you might be charged the full retail value of the phone, as the online price is heavily discounted. You can cancel whenever you want, but you must activate.


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