Tuesday, April 15, 2008

GPS Units – Buying Guide

Update 04/24: Prices started going back down
Update 04/23: Prices jumped up today...

GPS units have been going down in price quite a bit the past few weeks... The prices change quite often, sometimes a few times a day!

If you need one now, I would recommend buying a Garmin on Amazon.

I’m recommending Amazon, besides for the fact that they have great prices (Click here to read more about Amazon) but also because if the price drops within the next 30 days you can get the difference refunded quickly and easily by sending Amazon an e-mail. Practically speaking, even if the price drops way past 30 days, you have pretty good chances of getting refunded from Amazon as well, though then you would want to speak with Amazon on the phone instead (have Amazon call you).

I'm recommending the Garmin's because they are great GPS units.

On Amazon, the best priced Garmin's are (these all have text to speech):

Prices keep on changing, so add item to wishlist or check back for price updates and get refunds.

  • Garmin 260: Small Screen, no Bluetooth, no MP3, internal antenna (the other units have an external antenna): $208.49
  • Garmin 360: Small Screen, Bluetooth, MP3 and comes with a carrying case: $242.92
  • Garmin 650: Big screen, MP3 but no Bluetooth: $274.85
  • Garmin 660: Big screen, Bluetooth, MP3, FM Transmitter (Use the transmitter to play music and use cell-phone using the car’s speakers), 3 month traffic trial and comes with a carrying case: $340.01

I have the 660 and am very happy with it.

The drawback with these Garmin’s is that they don't include European maps.
Some of the more expensive Garmin’s do come with European maps preloaded (270 - $316.99 or the 670 - $379.59).
Also, these don’t tell you the address where you are currently located. Some other GPS units can do that.


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