Thursday, April 24, 2008

List Of Useful Sites

See this post for some more useful sites.

Here is a compilation of websites that I recommend checking out.
Feel free to post a comment with questions or suggestions.
Not everything on every site is good. Use your common sense.
List of sites can be found on the side of this site.

Amazon - Great shopping site! Read my review.
Newegg - Good for electronics.
Ebay - Gift cards, unusual items, used items, etc. Read my review.
Craigslist - 2nd hand things for cheap, especially furniture. - Reviews on many different items.

Kayak- Searches many airlines. If you need a certain schedule, Kayak is great. I.e you can tell Kayak that you want to take off only between 7 and 9 am, or that you need to land at a specific time.
STA Travel - Great for one ways and cheap student tickets. Anyone can 'become' a student. Most airlines don't even ask for student ID. They often have great fares.
Orbitz - Search engine
Expedia - Search engine
Travelocity -Search engine. Sometimes rates are cheaper than Orbitz and Expedia.
Farecompare - Search engine. Can search a full year at a time.
Southwest - seems to get skipped out by some search engines.

Flying Info - Get up to the minute arrival and departure info for any flight. - Will supposedly tell you if fares are going up or down. I wouldn't rely on it too much though. - Find out which seats are good on your plane.

Car Rentals - Read my review.
Carrentals - Search engine.

Priceline - Read my review.
Expedia - Rates are usually not that great.
Tripadvisor - Reviews about all hotels.

Phone Service
Lifeline - $1 a month phone line. Read my review.
Grand Central - Free virtual phone line. Read my review.
Gizmo Project - Free international phone line. Read my review.
Sprint Sero Plan - Cheap cell phone plan. Use email address Review coming soon.
T-Mobile Prepaid - Best prepaid rates. Read my review.

Credit Cards
Amex Cards - Read my review.
AA Credit Cards - Great for those who want to churn credit cards. No limit to the amount of times you can apply for the same card. Miles from Credit Cards are elite qualifying miles. Review coming soon. – Free annual credit report. Read my review.

Deal Forums
Deal forums are great because you can see what everyone thinks about a specific deal and not just what the author thinks... - Great deal forum, large active community. You need the patience to read through all the comments. - Another great deal forum site. Great for financial issues. - A forum for travel related deals.

These sites offer you cash-back if you click through their site before shopping. If you are not going to sign up with one of these sites, then please support this site by clicking through my links instead.

Amazon - Marketplace: Amazon takes a larger commission for sales than Ebay, but
1- No listing fee, you only pay when you sell.
2- Item often sells for more on Amazon then on Ebay.

3- Amazon is more secure.

Shipping - Carrier Pickup. Read my review.
Paypal shipping - Allows you to print Parcel-Post labels.


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