Sunday, July 20, 2008

Car Air Filters - Make Money After Rebate

Update 07/20: I just got my rebates, making the total cost about negative $20! So, they paid me $20 to get the filters!!! I would say that's a good price... The prices keep on changing, you can click this link and see which ones are currently cheapest.

Originally posted on 05/15/08

Amazon has these Fram Air Hog Filters, all money makers after $20 rebate. Maximum of two rebates ($40) per household.
Either get two that fit your car (just click each one and check if it fits your vehicle) or just make a couple of dollars anyways.

Free shipping on orders over $25 or with Prime.

FRAM PPA8243: $12.57 x2 = $25.14 -$40 Rebates =$-14.86
FRAM PRA3924: $10.36 x2 = $20.72 -$40 Rebates =$-19.28
$10.26 x2 = $20.52 -$40 Rebates =$-19.48

Or click here to see more Fram filters.

If you don't have prime then you can get any of the first two with free shipping or else add on something else from Amazon to reach $25.

2 comments: said...

My rebates arrived today.

Anonymous said...

I actually was just going to spend money on one, but hey, why not make money and get two!

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