Monday, June 23, 2008

25% Cashback From Ebay!

Update 06/30: Back up to 25%!
Update: Up to 20%
Update 06/25: Down to 10%
Update 06/24: Up to 20%
Update 9:30 pm: Up to 15%
Update 5:30 pm: Down to 10% (Might go up again soon...)

Get 25% cashback on 'Buy It Now' purchases on eBay through Microsoft Live Search Cashback Program.

Microsoft recently started a cashback program: if you click through certain stores from their search engine, you get cash back on your purchases. Most stores are between 1%-5% off.

On Monday 06/16, someone noticed that Microsoft was offering 35% cashback on purchases made at eBay! At the time I did not post it, because I didn't believe it would work, as it definitely sounded too good to be true.

Now they lowered the cashback to 25%, which is still amazing! Being that Microsoft still has it listed, and they lowered it to 25%, (the cashback amount keeps on jumping around; it went down to 10% then up to 15%...) makes me think that perhaps it will work! Although, if Microsoft will follow through with this it will cost them millions and millions of dollars! I guess they really want people to start using their search engine. As you don't actually get the cash for 60 days, try this
at your own risk!

What makes this whole thing sound weirder is that eBay is not listed in Microsoft's list of stores.

Heres the deal:
Get 25
% cashback on your eBay purchases!
  1. Sign in or sign up to Microsofts CashBack Account.
  2. Click here. (Or go to and search for 'canon' or 'blue ray' or any other item you want. You may need to click search a few times to see the 25% off link for eBay)
  3. Click the sponsored link (either on the top of the page or on the rights side) for 25% off from eBay. It will say 'Live Search Cashbak' on the link.
  4. Search for any item on eBay that has a "Buy It Now" option and accepts Paypal. (Does not have to be the item you searched for on
  5. Click the "Buy Now" button, log in to your eBay account, but don't commit to buy yet.
  6. Make sure that you see the cashback on the page before confirming!
    If this purchase is not eligible, then on the screen, before purchasing, it will say so.
  7. Pay using PayPal.
  8. You should receive an email from eBay with your cashback information.
  9. Cashback should show as pending in your Microsoft Cashback Account within a day or two.
  10. You should receive your money after 60 days.
Some of the rules: (full rules from Ebay here)
- Must be a 'Buy It Now' purchase
- Only one purchase per online session (sign out after each purchase).
- Only 3 eBay purchases per account.
- You can earn a maximum of $250 cash back with this promotion.

Get another 10% off your purchase for a total of 35% off!

Use coupon code: CJUNE0810P
This coupon will ONLY work if you received this code in the email from eBay. Check your email, or check your eBay messages.
This coupon has no risk as it will take off the 10% before paying! (not cashback)
Maximum money off with this coupon is $100.
(If you want to check if the 10% off coupon works, then click on a item that has 'immediate payment required', so that you can test the coupon before committing to buy)

Follow the deal at Fatwallet.


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