Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Amex Simplycash Lowering Cash-Back on Gas to 3%

Starting July 15th Amex SimplyCash Business Card will only be giving 3% cash-back on gas (instead of 5%) and there will be a limit of $12,000 spending a year on gas for the 3% cashback. Everything else about the card will remain the same. They will continue giving 5% cash-back on office supplies and wireless service and 1% on everything else. Click here to read about that card, along with the other recommended Amex cards.

If you apply before July 1st, you will still get 5% cash-back on gas for a year from when you applied. This also applies to people who already have the card. So if you got the card six months ago, you will continue earning 5% cash-back on gas for another six months.

If you are planning on getting a Amex SimplyCash credit card, apply for it now! Then you will have the 5% cash-back for a full year.

As specified in this article, you have to calculate if its worth opening the card.
If you have another Amex Business card that you no longer need/use (e.g. a Starwood card that you got for the signup bonus) then you can call Amex and ask them to change your card to a SimplyCash card. Make sure to confirm with Amex that they are just changing your card without another credit pull. I did that without a problem.


Anonymous said...

Shmuly, I'm looking forward to a reveiw on the cashback sites (e.g. ebates)

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