Monday, September 8, 2008

Computer Memory on Sale - SD Cards, Flash Drives etc.

Post will be kept updated with latest offers/deals.

A few people asked me where they can get cheap computer memory from. Here are a few products with good prices.

Everything comes with free shipping.

4GB Flash Drive: $9.49 - Price went up.
2GB SD Card: $6.99
4GB SDHC Class 4: $7.99
Crucial 2GB Flash Drive: $5.99 - Now $8.49
4GB SDHC Class 6: $9.65

2GB MicroSD Card: $5.00 - Now $6.00
2GB SD Card: $5.00
2GB MicroSD with SD Adapter: $6.00
Two 2GB MicroSD (Total 4GB) with one SD Adapter: $11.00
Four 2GB SD Cards (Total 8GB): $19.00
Two 2GB Flash Drives (Total 4GB): $14.00


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