Friday, October 31, 2008

Shopping Tips - Find Discount Codes

Starting today, don't pay full price any more.

This is a tip for everyone, even for those people who don't like waiting for deals and just like to buy what they need when they need it.

Whenever you shop at a site, before completing the purchase, just Google that store with 'discount code' e.g "macy's discount code". A bunch of coupon code sites will show up, click on one or more of the first ones and see if you find a coupon that you can use. You will either find a percent off coupon, or a free shipping coupon.

Before you complete your purchase, there's often a box that let's you type in a discount code. Type in the code you just found, update your shopping cart, and see the price drop!

It's so easy, it only takes a minute and it could save you money!

Also, check out for a list of free shipping coupons and sites.


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