Monday, October 20, 2008

Amex Purchase Protection - Get your money's worth from Amex!

American Express is great!

Back in July I purchased a Canon SD870 for $250. During the summer, the camera fell and the screen got scratched. I called Amex to file a claim with their 90 day purchase protection plan, and they credited the $250 back to my card on the spot! I still have a working camera (just scratched on the screen) and I got my $250 back!!!

All it took was a two minute phone call. I wasn’t put on hold for ages. I didn’t have to send anything in. It was no hassle.

I just called 1-800-322-1277, told the Amex customer service representative exactly what happened, and I got my money back! Please read the review to understand how it works, as each case can be different.

Every Amex card comes with this and many other features! Use them!

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