Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Make Over $30.00 after rebate!

Update 11/24: Get this one for $9.60
Update 11/15: Get this one for $7.35
Update 11/06: Get this one for $5.35
Update 10/10: Prices have gone up... Get this one instead for $3.37

Amazon is selling this Fram Car Filter for $3.08 with a $20 rebate. Alternatively, get this one for $3.28 (also with a $20 rebate).

You can earn a maximum of two rebates. So, two will cost you $6.16, and you will get back $40.00 in rebates! That's $33.84 profit!

You have to spend $25 to get free shipping, unless you have Amazon Prime (With Amazon Prime, you pay Amazon $79 for the year, and then you get free 2 day shipping, even if you don't spend $25.)

I ordered these a few months ago and received my rebates. See previous post here.


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