Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Logitech Wireless Mouse - $9.99 After Rebate

Update: Out of stock
Update 11/28:
Back in stock
Out of stock

Newegg has this Logitech VX Revolution Wireless Laser Mouse for $24.99 with a $15 rebate and free shipping.
I have this mouse and really like it. Its a great price as well, regular price is $40-$50.

Send the rebate to:
Logitech Rebates
P.O. Box 540004
Dept. #113386
El Paso, TX 88554-0004

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Make free phone calls to lots of US phones from anywhere in the world using Gizmo5 Backdoor Dialing

Update 03/18/09: Backdoor dialing doesn't seem to be working lately.

Gizmo5 (formerly known as The Gizmo Project)
has been around for a while. Back in January, I wrote a review on Gizmo5 and explained how to use it together with GrandCentral to create a free US phone line. Now, being that GrandCentral isn't allowing new users, here's the rundown on how to use Gizmo5 on its own.

Gizmo5. Using a headset and an internet connection, you can make free phone calls to any US toll free number, most cell phone numbers and many landlines. They call this Backdoor Dialing. Gizmo5 claims that 11% of US phone lines are eligible for Backdoor Dialing. You need to dial 0101 before the phone number e.g. 0101-917-123-4567.

Click here to check if the number you want to dial can be dialed for free. I found that Sprint and many Tmobile cell phone numbers can be dialed for free, as well as many landlines.

The call clarity on Gizmo5 is usually not as clear as landline to landline (although if you have good internet speeds it should usually be very clear), but it sure is cool... and free!

Callback: When you call someone using this service, a number will show up on their Caller ID. The person you called can save this as your number. Then, they can call this number and it will ring on your computer, on your Gizmo5. This will only work if you called them first.

I don't know how well this feature works, because, when I tried to call back from a regular phone to Gizmo5, the audio didn't seem to work.


Once you're trying this out, you might like to check out as well. They supposedly let you dial up to 5 minutes per day, for free, from your computer. I haven't tried it out much yet.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Free Outgoing Faxes Anywhere in the US - VBuzzer

VBuzzer is a free messaging program. One great feature is that you can send free faxes to US, Canadian and Chinese fax lines. The free faxes only include outgoing faxes though, not incoming.

You can also use Vbuzzer to make free phone calls to toll free numbers (using a headset). This is good if you're abroad and want to call a toll free number. Often, you can't call a 1-800 number from abroad using a regular land line. Note: You may find that VBbuzzer has better voice clarity than Gizmo Project.

You can also use VBuzzer to access other IM programs like AIM and MSN. They have many other cool premium features which cost money, e.g. incoming faxes, calling regular phone numbers and incoming phone line. I haven't tried out all those features.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Rebates Arrived (Fram Air Filters)

My (second) $40 rebate checks from the Fram Air Hog Filters arrived today! That's about $33 profit!
The offer is still available, although prices have gone up.
This one is now the cheapest at $7.35 -
This one is now cheapest at $9.60

Click here for the original post.

$50 off hotel stay with!

Update 01/01/09: Promotion no longer working. If you signed up for an account, use your money before it disappears!

Update 12/07: Use this link for £25 off (From the English site) which will give you $49
Update 11/24: Use this link for $50 off.
Update 11/21: Promotion down to $20 off. Use this link instead for $50 off.

Become a member of using this link and get $50.00 added to your account which you can use for any hotel on their site!

They have lots of hotels for less than $50.00 as well, so it could mean a free night.

On the promotion page it says that the $50 will expire on November 30th, but once signed in, it says the $50 will expire in two years. If you can, better book the room/s as soon as possible.

You are limited to one account per e-mail address...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Free Self Expiring Phone Number

Do you ever have to give someone a phone number to contact you on but would rather not give them your home or cell number? offers a free US incoming phone number with an extension. They offer a limited choice of area codes. You can give this inumbr number to people who would like some way of reaching you but you don’t want them to have your personal information. Inumbr will forward your calls to any US phone line.

You can set the number to expire after an hour or longer, up to a month. If you still need the number after a month, you can extend it.

It has some great call managing features, like "Do not disturb between 9 pm and 8 am".

So far, inumbr is completely free. I wouldn't rely on this for anything too serious, as the site doesn’t seem to be so reliable. If you ever need to give someone a way to call you for a certain amount of time this might really come in handy. It's especially useful if you have to list your phone number online, like on Craigslist.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Use Verizon's Automatic Bill Payments - Get $25 Amex Gift Card

Set up Automatic Bill Payments for Verizon using a Amex card before November 30th and get a $25 Amex gift card.

You must leave the Automatic bill payments in place for at least two months before receiving the gift card.
This should work with Lifeline as well.

"Offer valid from 11/1/08 through 11/30/08 for eligible consumer customers in AZ, CA, CT, FL, ID, IL, MA, MI, NC, NV, NY, OR, RI, SC, TX, WA, WI, and WV and all eligible small business customers"

Monday, November 3, 2008

2GB Flash Drive $4.49

Newegg has a 2GB flash drive for $4.49 with free shipping.