Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Free Outgoing Faxes Anywhere in the US - VBuzzer

VBuzzer is a free messaging program. One great feature is that you can send free faxes to US, Canadian and Chinese fax lines. The free faxes only include outgoing faxes though, not incoming.

You can also use Vbuzzer to make free phone calls to toll free numbers (using a headset). This is good if you're abroad and want to call a toll free number. Often, you can't call a 1-800 number from abroad using a regular land line. Note: You may find that VBbuzzer has better voice clarity than Gizmo Project.

You can also use VBuzzer to access other IM programs like AIM and MSN. They have many other cool premium features which cost money, e.g. incoming faxes, calling regular phone numbers and incoming phone line. I haven't tried out all those features.


shim said...

do they put ads or stuf like that?
what outgoing number does it say?
can i put who its from?
basically can i use this with and have a free fax?

p.s. gr8 seeing ya in ny

Anonymous said...

hey shmuly, this still free? said...

Yup, it still works for me.

Anonymous said...

is there a charge to do voip from cellphone, i couldnt find it on the site?
thanks said...

I have never tried their other services, only the free faxes.
If you try other features and like them, please let us know.

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