Monday, November 10, 2008

Free Self Expiring Phone Number

Do you ever have to give someone a phone number to contact you on but would rather not give them your home or cell number? offers a free US incoming phone number with an extension. They offer a limited choice of area codes. You can give this inumbr number to people who would like some way of reaching you but you don’t want them to have your personal information. Inumbr will forward your calls to any US phone line.

You can set the number to expire after an hour or longer, up to a month. If you still need the number after a month, you can extend it.

It has some great call managing features, like "Do not disturb between 9 pm and 8 am".

So far, inumbr is completely free. I wouldn't rely on this for anything too serious, as the site doesn’t seem to be so reliable. If you ever need to give someone a way to call you for a certain amount of time this might really come in handy. It's especially useful if you have to list your phone number online, like on Craigslist.


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