Sunday, November 23, 2008

Make free phone calls to lots of US phones from anywhere in the world using Gizmo5 Backdoor Dialing

Update 03/18/09: Backdoor dialing doesn't seem to be working lately.

Gizmo5 (formerly known as The Gizmo Project)
has been around for a while. Back in January, I wrote a review on Gizmo5 and explained how to use it together with GrandCentral to create a free US phone line. Now, being that GrandCentral isn't allowing new users, here's the rundown on how to use Gizmo5 on its own.

Gizmo5. Using a headset and an internet connection, you can make free phone calls to any US toll free number, most cell phone numbers and many landlines. They call this Backdoor Dialing. Gizmo5 claims that 11% of US phone lines are eligible for Backdoor Dialing. You need to dial 0101 before the phone number e.g. 0101-917-123-4567.

Click here to check if the number you want to dial can be dialed for free. I found that Sprint and many Tmobile cell phone numbers can be dialed for free, as well as many landlines.

The call clarity on Gizmo5 is usually not as clear as landline to landline (although if you have good internet speeds it should usually be very clear), but it sure is cool... and free!

Callback: When you call someone using this service, a number will show up on their Caller ID. The person you called can save this as your number. Then, they can call this number and it will ring on your computer, on your Gizmo5. This will only work if you called them first.

I don't know how well this feature works, because, when I tried to call back from a regular phone to Gizmo5, the audio didn't seem to work.


Once you're trying this out, you might like to check out as well. They supposedly let you dial up to 5 minutes per day, for free, from your computer. I haven't tried it out much yet.


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