Monday, December 1, 2008

American Express Wishlist

Update 12/02 11:05 am: I scored a 25% off Amazon order! (I clicked when there was 1 second remaining.)

Amex Wishlist
Starts today. Lasts till Dec 18th.

Every day, from December 1st - 18th, American Express will be offering products at cheap prices and giving away gift certificates to different stores. They call this their Wishlist. Various products and wish certificates are released at different times of day. (One great wish certificate gives you 25% off your entire purchase at

Don't get your hopes too high though. Their supply is limited, and chances are slim that you will get anything too great. If you want to try, you have to be ready exactly when the product/certificate is released. You should also make sure to have your Amex card ready just in case you score something.


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