Monday, December 15, 2008

Free Weekend Day Rental From Hertz - Not in NYC

Get a car from Hertz for free, one day a month, until 03/31/09.

Promotion Link

Some restrictions:
1. Only at participating locations (Hertz doesn't supply a list of participating locations. Go figure.)
2. You have to pay taxes and fees. Should be anywhere from $2 to $10
3. Excludes the NY metro area, Florida and Hawaii.
4. Must be a weekend day. Pick up the car between Thursday noon and Sunday noon.
5. Not available for all weekends. You will have better luck for dates in 2009.

Basically, if you have patience, check it out.

Here are some more Hertz promotions,
50% off weekend rentals
No Underage Fee (from age 21)

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