Sunday, December 14, 2008 is NOT the place to get your free credit reports!

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I often hear people saying that they will get their free credit reports from That's wrong. Even though they advertise heavily, and their name makes it sound like a good place to check your reports, that is NOT the place to get your free reports. Too many people get caught by their claim of 'free credit reports'.

For starters, the name suggests something that it is not. You don't get a totally free report, you only get a 7 day trial. And after the trial it costs $14.95 a month! Also, only gives you your Experian report and score (which is not FICO), it doesn't give you the Transunion and Equifax reports (although to be fair, they do monitor all three reports). gives you less information, for a shorter trial period, after which it costs more money than other companies. So, do yourself a favor and don't use them, period. (Unless you are looking for another free trial...)

So where should I check my reports and scores?

Totally Free Reports:
Get one report a year from each of the three agencies.
All Three Reports and Scores:
For a 30 day free trial for all three reports and scores, along with credit monitoring, try Citi IdentityMonitor (get up to $30 cashback as well), Amex CreditSecure or Chase Identity Protection (Chase will charge you for the first month, and then refund it when you cancel). The score they provide is not the FICO score.
FICO Score:
MyFico has a 30 day free trial, where you get your Equifax report and FICO score. You can cancel online easily without actually talking to anybody, and they send you an email a week before your trial is over reminding you to cancel! (And, you will be supporting this site just by signing up for the free trial)
You can get Experian and Transunion FICO scores at as well.

Click here for more information on where to check your reports and scores.


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