Saturday, December 27, 2008

Get Cash Back Easily When Shopping Online: FatWallet Now Toolbar

Whenever you shop online, you could be getting cash back. It's easy and simple and it's a shame people don't take advantage of it. Read more about cashback sites.

In short: Let's say you are shopping at Macys, but instead of typing, you click a link from a different site that takes you to The site where you clicked from gets a percentage of whatever you spend, in payment for referring you.

Cashback sites are set up to give you part of what they get (anywhere from 1% and up), in return for clicking from their site. So, for instance, if you spend $100 at and first click from Fatwallet, you will get $4 cash back!

One reason many people don't use cashback sites, is that they can't be bothered to go to the cashback site every time they want to shop somewhere and then find the store on the cashback site. This is especially true if you are not spending a lot and that store will only get you 1%.

I can relate to that. That is why I like the 'FatWallet Now Toolbar'.

You install their toolbar once. Then, whenever you shop, at any site, just click their toolbar. A window will pop up telling you if you can get cashback at this site, and if yes, how much you will get, along with a link to get back to the site through FatWallet. Click the link, it will take you right back to the site where you were before. Only now, you will be getting cashback on everything you buy!

The only problem is, if you added items to your shopping cart before clicking on the FatWallet toolbar, you might not get cashback for the items that were already in your cart. If you want to be sure you are getting cashback, delete everything from your cart and add them again

Note: If you don't see a window popping up when clicking the FatWallet Now toolbar, make sure to 'allow popups' from

P. S. If you're not using a cashback site, (many sites, like Amazon, don't earn you cashback) then please click from this site before shopping and support! I have a list of recommended sites on the side of the page which you can right click and save to bookmarks/favorites. Then, any time you shop, you can just click the link from your bookmarks/favorites, and support this site.


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