Saturday, December 13, 2008

One year and counting...

Happy anniversary to! It's one year since I started this site!

The nicest thing about this blog is hearing how people have gained from this site. Thanks for all those e-mails and comments! I really believe that people can live at a much higher standard, for much less money, if they read and implement the advice and tips from this blog. There are tips on all things related to money, from getting a cheap phone line to fixing your credit, earning lots of miles and much more.

I would like to point out the Categories to all those who have started coming to the site recently. Check out the different categories, found on the right side of the page. Many of the articles, even those written a year ago, are still just as helpful- and can save you money - today. You will find some really amazing tips in these articles. When something expires, I change the label to Expired.

I am going to try a different approach to how I have been posting until now, by posting more often in the future, although not every post will be a complete article. I will try to post something almost every day. It might be a good price on something, an interesting website I came across, some useful information or just something I thought night interest people. Every so often, I will post a longer article as well.

I am looking into building a permanent credit help site, with a blog included. If you have any ideas for a name for the site, please e-mail me. In general please email me with any comments or suggestions about the site.

If you, or someone you know, needs credit related help, or advice on which credit card to get, and cant find the answer on the site, feel free to e-mail me.

The advice on the site and by e-mailing me is free. Please continue to support this site though by clicking from this site before shopping or opening a credit card.

Looking forward to a money saving and better living year.



Anonymous said...

happy anniversary!!!
thanx for all the tips.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for you volunteering to add to our knowledge of the world.

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