Saturday, January 31, 2009

Opening Citi Cards - Strategy To Get Lots of Miles!

Update 2: Churning Citi AA cards is basically is over.
Citi is now giving 30,000 miles!

How to use credit cards signup bonuses in a most rewarding way!

One major thing that keeps people from opening cards is that they are worried about their credit. Although its true that applying for a card will slightly hurt your credit, it should climb back up over a few months. So, if your score is over 750 and you are not buying a house in the next few months you should be fine. My scores have generally stayed in the 750-800 range, even with all my credit card churning. That being said, please understand what you are doing and do it at your own risk. Here are lots of articles on credit.

How you can easily earn hundreds of thousands of miles a year:

There are four Citi AAdvantage credit cards that will earn you the 25,000 American Airlines miles signup bonus. You can earn the bonus mile on each card again and again! You do have to wait 60 days in between opening the same personal card, and 90 days between opening either business card.

1) Business Visa or Business Mastercard (Pick one of them)
2) Personal Platinum Mastercard
3) Personal Amex
  1. First, check all three Fico scores, and if you haven't done so yet, read your reports. If your scores are under 750, then perhaps open just the business ones, which won't show up on your report. If your scores are below 700, then definitely wait to open the cards and raise your score. Check back in a month or so, and if your score is higher, go on! If you know at which agency Citi makes their inquiries, then obviously that one is the most important one to have a high score at.
    I use My Fico's Scorewatch for my Equifax score and check my Experian and Transunion scores from Fico every few months.

  2. Open three cards in one shot, totaling 75,000 miles! The Personal MasterCard, Personal Amex and one of the business cards. If you apply for both business cards within 3 months of each other, chances are that one of them will be declined.

  3. Once you get the three cards, spend $750 on each card. You can use the Mint, Statefarm or Amex Travelers Checks for the Amex card, to help you spend that. Once you spend $750, put the card away in a folder.

  4. In six months, check all three scores again, and if your score is still good, you can rinse and repeat for another 75,000 miles! Totaling 150,000 miles a year!
    If you have a high credit score, and you're only opening Citi cards, then I would open three cards every four months, totaling nine cards or 225,000 miles per person per year. It's 450,000 miles if your spouse does it too! Now, just think what you can do with all those miles...!
    If you are worried that their credit might not be good enough, or are thinking of buying a house soon, you should stick to two batches, or six cards a year.

  5. Six months after applying for the first set of cards, call Citi and have the old cards combined with the newer ones. Combining means moving the credit over before canceling the old ones. When you ask to combine cards, Citi won't try to convince you to leave the card open.

    Update: If you want to try to squeeze a few extra miles out of the cards then read this post on getting miles from trying to cancel the cards.
- Make a note of when you opened the cards, so that you will have everything organized. I like to use an Excel spreadsheet for that. If you want a sample spreadsheet, send me an email.
- If you open other cards as well, then you should make sure that there are no more than seven inquiries within six months on the credit agency that Citi checks (by me, they check Equifax). If when Citi makes an inquiry , they see more than seven inquiries from the past six months, they may very well decline your application!
- Please refrain from opening credit cards if you are not 100% disciplined to pay your bills in full and on time every month. The signup bonuses won't be worth the late payments and interest on debt...

Most other cards only let you earn the bonus only once.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How many credit scores does each person have?

I keep on getting comments and questions from people who think that they have only one credit score. So, let me set the record straight: Everyone has three credit scores, not just one.

Here's why:

There are three Credit Reporting Agencies which keep a record of all your credit history: Experian, Equifax and Transunion.

Each agency keeps its own records. So, for instance, if a credit card company has only told two of the three agencies that you have their card, the third agency won't have that card on your report. The information each agency receives about you is not necessarily identical, so you may end up with three very different credit reports.

Now, for the credit scores: When a company (Chase, Amex etc.) is thinking of extending credit to you, they want to know how risky you are, hence a credit score. Instead of spending hours trying to analyze your report themselves, they will look at a number, which is based solely on the credit report, and that score number will tell them your risk. The higher the score, the lower the risk.

There is a company called FICO, which takes each of the three credit reports and using a complex method, formulates a number between 300 and 850. The higher the score, the less risky you seem to be. So, being that everyone has three credit reports, and the scores are based on the reports, therefore everyone has three FICO scores, one for each report.

Usually, when a company checks your credit, they will check one of the three reports along with the fico score. Sometimes however, like when applying for a mortgage, they may look at all three reports and scores, and consider the middle score as your score.

Lots of other companies, including the credit reporting agencies themselves, have their own methods of calculating these scores, but most credit companies will check the FICO score to see your credit worthiness, and not the other scores. so, if you really want to know what the credit card companies think of you, you have to check your FICO scores.

Bottom line:
1) Check each of your three credit reports to make sure its all correct, and to make sure that nobody is stealing your identity. Perhaps sign up for a credit monitoring service.
2) If you want to know your score, either because you are opening cards, or buying a house etc. then check your three FICO scores.
3) If all you want is a basic idea as to where you stand, or you want to know if your score is dropping, then other non-fico scores can be good for you as well.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

In Review - Free Miles And Money. Plus Hotels for $1 a night.

Opened another Citi AA Card
I applied and was approved for another Citi Business card for me and my wife. That's another 50,000 miles! It's amazing how easy it is to get so many things for free! Stay tuned for a easy strategy to getting hundreds of thousands of American Airline miles a year!

E-Trade bank account

I opened up a E-Trade savings account for myself and wife. $25 signup bonus for each of us, total of $50. See post.

Sprint 25% Discount.
My bill closed and the 25% off was reflected on the bill! Congratulations to all who got in.

0% APR credit card offers
More 0% APR offers added to original post.

Up to 2,000 AA miles.
I updated the link to maybe getting 2000 AA miles, which I posted last week.

Hotels for $1 a night is running a promotion, where for a secret 15 minutes a day, you will be able to book rooms at $1 a night. Promotion is running this week and next. You can sign up to get clues as to when the 15 minutes will be. Check it out.
It started today, and they seem to make it real real difficult to get the $1 a night even if you do catch the right 15 minutes. But, some people have gotten in, so you decide if you want to go for it.
I'll let you know if I score anything.

E-Trade Savings Account - Free $25

Update: The $25 bonus expired, but it's still a nice account to have. If you want the bonus, sign up for an ING account.

Open an E-Trade Savings Account and get $25!

Now, besides for the free $25, it's a pretty good account. Here's why:
  • Interest rate is 3.01% APY, which is better than most savings accounts these days (rates may change at any time though)
  • The account is free, and there is no minimum account balance
  • When you open the account you only need to deposit $1
  • $25 will show up in account a few days after opening account and depositing at least $1
  • It's very easy to transfer money in and out of the account
  • You can use the account to create Direct Deposits for accounts that require it (see Bank Promotions). You can even have the same few dollars going back and forth every month...
  • There's no hard pull when you open the account, so it won't affect your credit.
You can transfer money out of your E-trade to another account up to 6 times a month. There is no limit to how many times a month you can deposit money into the account.

Offer expires 2/25/2009.

E-Trade runs this promotion every few months. As of now, you can get another $25 for opening a new account every time E-Trade offers this promotion.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

American Express Travelers Checks - Yet another way to earn points on your Amex cards

Update: Amex will stop giving points for Traveler Checks purchases on April 2nd. Be warned.

Sorry to those readers who don't care for collecting points or miles. You'll just have to bear with me...

I was in Manhattan the other day, so I stopped off at one of the American Express Travel Offices and purchased $1,000 in travelers checks on my Starwood Amex. No extra fees - Total charge is $1,000. I then deposited the checks in my bank account, and used the money to pay my credit card bill. That's 1,000 free Starwood points! If I would have had my other Amex cards with me, I could have done $1000 on each card.

Amex keeps on changing the rules for Travelers Checks. A while back, you were able to buy checks checks online, with an additional fee. You can't do that anymore, but if you go into one of their offices, you can buy them with no extra fee. Currently, you can spend a maximum of $1,000 per Amex card per month. Also, it does not work with American Express Charge cards which earn Membership Rewards points. You can use any other Amex card, like Starwood, Delta or Citi American Airlines Amex etc.

It seems that if you buy $3,000 or more of the travelers checks (using 3 different Amex cards) you will need to fill out a long form. If that scares you, keep it under $3,000 each time.

Find an Amex office near you.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Replacing My Lightbulbs

A few days ago, I decided to change four burnt out fluorescent light bulbs in my house. Remembering that the Commercial Electric package said that the bulbs are guaranteed to last for seven years while mine only lasted for three, I figured, let's see if the company will stand by its word.

So, I called the number printed on the lightbulbs. It was a easy five minute call, without waiting on hold forever, and they sent out new lightbulbs! My bulbs arrived today, and they are the exact type which I previously had. I had to read them the serial numbers, so they knew exactly which bulbs to send. I saved myself the time and money of going to the store and buying new ones. I was quite impressed with the customer service!

Dealing with companies regarding their warranties can sometimes be a breeze, and other times it just is not worth the time and effort. Well, this one was definitely worth my time!

I will be writing up my experience on trying to get warranty assistance from different companies, and when it is worth it to deal with a warranty and when not.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

T-Mobile - Buy Phone Get Free $25 Refill Card

Update 02/09: Promotion gone again.
Update 02/01: $25 Promotion active once again, and Nokia 1208 back in stock!
Update 01/26:
$25 refill card no longer being offered.

T-mobile is running their "Free $25 Refill Card" promotion again.

They have the Nokia 1208 phone for $19.99, which includes a free $25 refill card. Even if you already have a T-mobile prepaid phone, it can still be worth it just for the $25 refill! (Or maybe keep the phone and sell the refill card..)

Click through BigCrumbs and get $9 cashback once you activate the phone, bringing down the price to $10.99! If you're going to buy a more expensive phone, then 25% cashback from Microsoft might get you more money.

This offer is not as good as the free-after-rebate phones that T-mobile had last year, but its a good offer none the less.

Remember, phone must be activated within 30 days of purchase. You don't need to add any money on to the phone, but you must activate the line. If you don't activate the phone, T-Mobile may charge you the full retail value of the phone.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

In Review - Including: free miles, thoughts on Citi AA cards and cheaper pampers.

Update: Free miles link was corrected!

Here's another In Review and random ideas post. Here's the first one for those interested. We'll see, maybe this will turn in to a weekly post.

Maybe get up to 2,000 American Airline miles
Click here and maybe get 500 miles per newsletter you sign up to receive, the maximum seems to be 2,000 miles. I say maybe cause it says that its only for those that got their email. I did not get the email and signed up and got a confirmation email saying that I will be getting the 1,500 miles for signing up for three newsletters, the other ones I was signed up for already. Try it, you have nothing to lose. If after entering your information, it doesn't say on the page that you will be getting 500 miles per newsletter, than you are probably out of luck.

2nd Chase Account.
I opened a 2nd Chase bank account. I already have a Chase checking account from last year which I use regularly, so I was actually kind of wondering if they would comment about my opening a 2nd checking account. But the bank rep was more than happy to open a second account for me without any questions. I ended up taking the $25 annual-fee debit card and not the $65 one, all evidence seems to show that it should work as well. I will let you know when my miles post. Bank offer.

Fiji Water - Delta Miles
My water arrived - Hopefully miles will too. I did get a email from Fiji saying that the miles will be posted within 5 business days. We'll see. Now I have to cancel my subscription.

My Thoughts On Citi AA Cards
As you probably know by now, Citi AA cards are my favorite cards to churn. There are two things though, that make me worry about the continuation of the 25,000 mile signup bonus, Citi stopped advertising these American Airline cards (They used to pay websites to advertise these cards, they now stopped that) and the latest financial issues with Citi.

In any case, I hope that this promotion stays on for a long time, but if anyone is planning on opening a Citi AA card in the near future, they should consider applying sooner rather than later.

Pampers - Smaller boxes are cheaper.
A note to those who buy Pampers on Amazon, which in my opinion is the best and simplest place to buy, especially with Prime.
Although buying the really big Pampers boxes (Economy Plus Pack) are usually cheapest, the smaller boxes (Value Pack) actually come out cheaper using Subscribe and Save.
For example: Size 3 pampers, with the big boxes are around 22 cents a diaper and with the smaller boxes are around 20 cents a diaper.
You can always cancel all future shipments with the click of a button.

Another Free Equifax Fico Score

Update 12:40 pm: Expired
Equifax Fico First 10,000 only. Hurry.
This is only for Equifax, get your other two here.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

50% Off MyFico Credit Scores - Fico's Are Important

Get 50% off at! Use coupon code: 50FICOKIT
Each Fico credit score and report comes out to $7.95, down from $15.95
Their Score Watch monitoring service ($44.97 for the year with the promotion) is another product I use and recommend.
Expires Jan 22. is the only place to get all three real Fico scores (Experian, Equifax and Transunion). The Fico score is the only score you should really look at, all the free scores that you can get anywhere else are not your Fico scores!

I would recommend getting all three scores. If you recently got your free Equifax Fico score (available here with a free trial), then you should buy the Experian and Transunion scores. Knowing your Fico score is important to anyone worried about their credit, and especially to those who open credit cards.
The only free fico score promotion being offered from time to time is the Equifax score, not the other two.

Your scores can vary greatly from one agency to the next. Knowing what your score is at each of the three can help you decide when to apply for a credit and maybe even which card to apply for.

My Fico scores are: Experian: 780, Equifax: 768 and Transunion: 733
I will be doing some more research as to why my Transunion is so low, and I'll be checking back on my Transunion in a few weeks to see if anything changes.

For those relying on Wamu to give them their Transunion Fico score, think again. Wamu says my fico score is 784, which is obviously nowhere close to the 733 that I am getting direct from Fico! (Wamu actually doesn't claim to give your regular fico score, just your bankard Fico which is different).

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Syms Is Having A Bash

Syms, a clothing store, which stocks quality products at great prices, is having their semi annual bash. The Bash runs till January 19th. All prices are slashed down about 25%.

Check their site for more info and for store locations. Additional 5% off with Syms charge card.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Free Equifax FICO Credit Score

MyFico is offering a free Equifax Fico score to all registered users who log in to their forums. (If you are not registered with, click here to register.)
After you sign in, look at the right side of the page, under 'Announcements', and click 'Get your free FICO score now'.
This is limited to the first 10,000 people who request their score, so hurry.

Once this expires, you can still get your free Equifax fico score with a 30 day trial here.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Live Search Club - Play Games And Get Prizes

Here is a fun way to earn some extra miles!

Microsoft has a website, where you can earn points by playing games and solving puzzles. You can then redeem the points for all sorts of prizes. The prizes that I like best are miles with a variety of airlines, including American Airlines and Delta (Alaska, Frontier, Hawaiian, Midwest, and US Airways as well.)

You can only get one of each prize. So, if you are looking for miles. the most you can earn is one 2,500 mile prize, one 1,000 mile prize and one 100 mile prize. Unless of course you open up more than one Club Live account...

You can earn a maximum of 1000 points each day.

The miles take a few weeks to post to your mileage account, so plan ahead if you need some extra miles.

If you don't want to work too hard, then use to help you solve the puzzles quickly. Split the screen between the two websites and get to work playing...

Monday, January 12, 2009

In Review - Random Musings

Dear reader,

I decided to try something new. Every so often I will put up a post which will include updates on previous posts, things that I'm currently up to, along with some current promotions and deals that for whatever reason do not warrant their own post. Let me know what you think.

Scholastic Order
My Scholastic order arrived. I was quite impressed. The stuff is really amazing and only $1 a piece!!! Some of the things are already out of stock. If you are either a teacher or have kids of your own, you must check it out!
I signed up as a homeschool and got the order shipped to my house.

Redneck Bank
Looking for a high yield bank account? Check out Redneck Bank, they are offering a 5.25% APY checking account! If you think the name of the bank is a bit odd, you gotta check out their site, and get a good laugh.
Downside: You have to use their debit card 10 times a month, and deposit some money each month. Though their card looks kind of cool actually...
Follow the discussion in this Fatwallet thread.

Sprint 25% off bill
I'm waiting for my Sprint bill to see if it will include the 25% off, hopefully it will. I will let you know either way. People have said that the discount doesn't work with the Sero plan, which I have. We'll see.

Free sippy cup arrived.
It's a nice free sample, which actually came, and is still available.

Oh, and here is an Amazon Sale
Amazon is having a Kitchen & Home 48-Hour Sale today and tomorrow.

That's all for now.

Bank Account Signup Bonuses

It's not only credit cards that offer miles as a signup bonus, banks do it too!

Here are some current offers for Chase Checking Account:
Personal - 25,000 miles. Business - 25,000 miles.

Read the details on the promotion page to see what you have to do to qualify.

Both checking accounts require direct deposit for the signup promotion and keep the account free. Transferring money from most banks online works as direct deposit for Chase and Citi.

If you are opening a new Chase account, send me an email. I can give you a code you can use, and maybe pocket another $25.

I plan on opening another Chase account one of these days to get the 21,000 miles. I'm not sure if you need the $65 card to get the 11,000 or if the $25 card is enough, I will probably get the $65 just to be sure. Update: I signed up and took the $25 card, should be fine. I opened one last year, but you can open a new Chase account every year. I will keep you posted.

Bank accounts and credit
Some bank accounts do a hard pull and some do a soft pull. Also, the bank account shouldn't show up on your credit report unless you sign up for overdraft protection. In my experience, opening Citi and Chase accounts were both soft pulls (unless you apply for overdraft protection). If someone does get a hard pull, please let me know. Read this article for more info on hard/soft pulls.

21,000 Continental miles, 15,000 United miles (refresh the links to create a unique certificate number) or $100.
Citi Checking Account: 20,000 American Airlines miles or $100

If you are opening a Citi account, ask on the phone if you can open a EZ Checking, like that the account is free with direct deposit. The regular checking seems to be free only with minimum balance of $6,000. I opened my Citi account in a branch, and they waived any fees for the first year. It wasn't with this AA promotion though.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Statefarm Gift Cards: Another way to earn points on your credit card

Opening credit cards is a great way to earn the amazing signup bonuses that cards offer. The thing is, my favorite card to churn, the Citi American Airlines MasterCard, requires $750 in spending before getting the 25,000 miles signup bonus.

Now, I don't like to do my regular spending on these cards, as I like spending as much as possible on one credit card,
my Amex Starwood. Besides, it would be quite confusing to keep switching credit cards every time I open another credit card. And, I don't always spend enough to cover all the cards that I open. So, I like to find ways to 'spend' the $750 without actually using it for my regular spending... which is why I like buying coins from the Mint.

Buying Gift Cards:
Here's another interesting way to spend money on your credit card without necessarily actually spending money. If you don't clearly understand how this works though, and don't feel confident, don't do it! Stick to the mint.

Purchase $500 gift cards from Statefarm. Either use the card for regular spending, or have the money deposited into your bank account. Unlike the coins from the mint, this only works with Visa and MasterCard, not Amex.

You will receive the gift card in the mail within a week. Once you have it, call to activate it. This is automated and takes about 30 seconds. Then, either use the card for purchases, or go to the Statefarm website and 'unload' the money into your bank account. You will need the 'routing number' and 'account number' for your bank account. You can find these numbers on on a check. It should take 2-3 days for the funds to be deposited in your bank account. Now you can go ahead and pay your credit card with the money in your bank account.

The cost of the gift card is $4.95, and then another $1.00 to transfer the money into the bank account. So, with a $500 gift card, you should only transfer $499 to your bank, and leave $1.00 on the gift card to pay the fee. The total cost will be $5.95 for $504.95 worth of points, miles or cashback.

There is a limit of $1,100 a day, per credit card. If you want to buy more than that, you can either use another credit card or a virtual credit card number.

Buying the coins from the Mint is definitely the cheaper way to go. It's free, and you can use an Amex card. But if you are either not interested in dealing with bringing coins to the bank, or you've already maxed out on the coins, this could be a good method to 'spend without spending'.

As with everything else on this site, make sure you understand and know what you are doing, and do it at your own risk.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Free 3 Month Trial of Amazon Prime

I have Amazon Prime and love the free 2-day shipping.

Promotion Link

Add this book to your cart using the link that says "Add to cart with free two-day shipping". The link is in orange, under the regular link.

Click through till the final checkout page. At the final checkout page, it will say that you have been signed up for Amazon Prime free trial for 3 months. DO NOT submit the order, just close the page (or delete the item from your cart). You don't need to buy anything!

Once you're signed up, click here and make sure to 'turn off auto upgrade', so that you won't automatically be charged the $79 annual fee once the 3 months are up.

This only works with a Amazon account that has never been signed up for Prime. Even with a new account, it will not work with a credit card number and billing address that has been previously used for Prime...

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Buy Fiji Water, Get Delta Miles...

Update 01/13: I got an email from Fiji confirming the Delta miles and my water shipped.
Update 01/10:
40% off coupon expired.Use code CABIN30 for 30% off.

Fiji Water Promotion

Buying the water

A 24 pack of 500ml bottles is:
$22.50 for a one time order
$17.97 for monthly recurring orders, which you can cancel after the first shipment.
The price is after this 40% off coupon: FIJIBLACK

Now for the 2,500 miles
From the terms and conditions:
"Trial Offer is valid on Monthly Recurring Orders of 500mL and 1.0L bottle sizes only. This offer is not combinable with other savings or promotions."
So, adding on the 40% coupon, might take away the miles, but its a risk I'm willing to take.
I ordered one box with monthly recurring order for $17.97, and will cancel after the first order. Even if I don't get the 2,500 miles, I'll still get to enjoy the water.

Note: I don't in any way recommend buying bottled water for so much money, it just looked too interesting a promotion to pass up.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Some points to remember when shopping at Amazon is a great site (See my review). I buy things on Amazon all the time, as they tend to have great prices and great customer service. It also helps that I have Amazon Prime, so I get my orders within two days.

That being said, I want to point out a few things to remember when shopping on Amazon:
  1. The list price doesn't necessarily mean anything. It is often inflated. For instance, check out this role of tape with a list price of $508.14, down to $12.88...
    When you're buying something, you should know the regular price yourself, and don't rely on their list price for that.

  2. Their prices are usually, but not always, the best. If you want things simple, and want to shop only at one place, use Amazon. Overall, you'll be spending less than at any one other place. But, if you want to be sure always to get the cheapest price, then look at prices on other sites, as Amazon is not always the cheapest. Also, other sites sometimes have sales, which might, and I stress might, be cheaper than Amazon.

  3. Amazon's prices often change. If you are not rushing to buy an item, and you heard that it sells for less than Amazon's current price, add it to your Wishlist and Check back a few days later to see the price. The flip-side of this is that the price might go up in the meantime...

  4. Amazon has third-parties selling through their site. Therefore, note the following:

    • When Amazon has the item in stock, and they are the cheapest, you will usually be automatically getting the item direct from Amazon. It will say "Ships from and sold by". However, if Amazon does not have the item in stock, or in the rare case that Amazon is not the cheapest, then the item will by default, be sold by a different seller. This is when you have to be careful as sometimes these stores sell things for quite a bit more than regular, sometimes even triple the price! For instance, the Canon SD850, which is listed for $649.99, while the price should be around $200.
      Another thing to look out for is, if Amazon has the item, but it isn't available for shipping today, then once again, by default, you might not be buying it from Amazon, unless you click 'more buying options'.
      Bottom line, always check who is selling the item and for how much.

    • When purchasing from a third-party, you won't have the same customer service as when you buy direct from Amazon, like free return shipping.

    • If you live in a place where Amazon charges tax, like NY, you might benefit from buying from a third-party seller, as you might not have to pay tax.

    • Aside from third-party stores, Amazon also allows regular people to sell on Amazon, like Ebay. When you click the 'used and new' link, it will show you all the people selling the item. It may come out much cheaper, but make sure to check out the merchant's ratings.

    • One last thing about third-party sales, is that you will not get free shipping, even if you have Amazon Prime.
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

25% Off Sprint Monthly Cell Phone Bill?

Update 01/08: I sent Sprint an email saying that Cox Enterprises is the parent company of Manheim, and should be getting 25% off. I just got an email from Sprint confirming my 25% discount!
Update 11:00 pm: Link doesn't seem to work anymore.
Update: Seems to only be 5% off

Click here, click on the Sprint link on the right side, then click on 'Receive discounts on current service'. (This is the direct link, but only works once you have clicked the previous link)

Use a Gmail address to sign up. You should receive an email within a few minutes confirming your signup. Hopefully, a while later, you'll receive an email confirming that the discount has been added to your account.

I tried it and just received an email confirming that I will be getting 5% off my bill. 5% is not 25%, but I'll be happy with 5% as well. It worked even though I have a Sero plan! I used my personal Gmail address instead of a work email address, and entered 'Manheim' as the company name.

It seems to be a corporate discount. In fact, once I got the confirmation email, I checked my Sprint account online, and it says there 'Manheim Transport Group Private Store'. I wouldn't worry too much, as the original link says that the discount is for friends as well...

You should definitely try it, but don't be too upset if nothing comes of it. Check out this thread on Slickdeals.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Continental Airlines Discount Certificates

Anyone planning on buying a Continental ticket within the US? I have two discount codes, which I got from Chase. They are for either $25 off $175, $50 off $275 or $100 off $400. If you want them, send me an email at

Please only ask for it if you need it for yourself.

Hope this can help someone.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Teaching Supplies From Scholastic $1 Each

The Teacher Store at Scholastic is having a sale on teaching supplies - $1 a piece! Amazing prices!

The sale is meant for teachers, and they will ship the order to your school. You can choose 'Homeschool' in which case you can still order and have the order shipped to your house.
If you can have your order shipped to a school, I think there is a better chance that the order will go through.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Car Rentals $10 a Weekend Day With Alamo - Not in NYC

Rent a car from Alamo during the weekends for $10 a day.
Promotion Link

- $10 rate for economy through premium cars
- Valid January 8 2009 - May 31 2009
- Earliest pick-up is Thursday 9:00 am
- The car must be returned by Monday
- You must keep the car Saturday night
- Maximum rental is 4 days
- Excludes the NY metro area

A four day weekend rental will cost $40 plus taxes and fees.
This seems to have way more availability than the Hertz Promotion. Not all dates or locations are available though.

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