Wednesday, January 7, 2009

25% Off Sprint Monthly Cell Phone Bill?

Update 01/08: I sent Sprint an email saying that Cox Enterprises is the parent company of Manheim, and should be getting 25% off. I just got an email from Sprint confirming my 25% discount!
Update 11:00 pm: Link doesn't seem to work anymore.
Update: Seems to only be 5% off

Click here, click on the Sprint link on the right side, then click on 'Receive discounts on current service'. (This is the direct link, but only works once you have clicked the previous link)

Use a Gmail address to sign up. You should receive an email within a few minutes confirming your signup. Hopefully, a while later, you'll receive an email confirming that the discount has been added to your account.

I tried it and just received an email confirming that I will be getting 5% off my bill. 5% is not 25%, but I'll be happy with 5% as well. It worked even though I have a Sero plan! I used my personal Gmail address instead of a work email address, and entered 'Manheim' as the company name.

It seems to be a corporate discount. In fact, once I got the confirmation email, I checked my Sprint account online, and it says there 'Manheim Transport Group Private Store'. I wouldn't worry too much, as the original link says that the discount is for friends as well...

You should definitely try it, but don't be too upset if nothing comes of it. Check out this thread on Slickdeals.


DL & Eli said...

You may be trying to access a private offer or shopping area on Please confirm that the link you entered is correct.

We apologize for the inconvenience. If you feel you have received this message in error, please contact us at 1-877-618-5606.

NOTE: If your computer is running an Antivirus software package, such as Norton Internet Security Pro® or Zone Alarm Pro®, you may choose to follow these steps to adjust your privacy settings to gain access to this website. said...

Thanks. Links were updated, should work now.

Unknown said...

ditto to update 1/08

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