Sunday, January 18, 2009

50% Off MyFico Credit Scores - Fico's Are Important

Get 50% off at! Use coupon code: 50FICOKIT
Each Fico credit score and report comes out to $7.95, down from $15.95
Their Score Watch monitoring service ($44.97 for the year with the promotion) is another product I use and recommend.
Expires Jan 22. is the only place to get all three real Fico scores (Experian, Equifax and Transunion). The Fico score is the only score you should really look at, all the free scores that you can get anywhere else are not your Fico scores!

I would recommend getting all three scores. If you recently got your free Equifax Fico score (available here with a free trial), then you should buy the Experian and Transunion scores. Knowing your Fico score is important to anyone worried about their credit, and especially to those who open credit cards.
The only free fico score promotion being offered from time to time is the Equifax score, not the other two.

Your scores can vary greatly from one agency to the next. Knowing what your score is at each of the three can help you decide when to apply for a credit and maybe even which card to apply for.

My Fico scores are: Experian: 780, Equifax: 768 and Transunion: 733
I will be doing some more research as to why my Transunion is so low, and I'll be checking back on my Transunion in a few weeks to see if anything changes.

For those relying on Wamu to give them their Transunion Fico score, think again. Wamu says my fico score is 784, which is obviously nowhere close to the 733 that I am getting direct from Fico! (Wamu actually doesn't claim to give your regular fico score, just your bankard Fico which is different).

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