Sunday, January 25, 2009

American Express Travelers Checks - Yet another way to earn points on your Amex cards

Update: Amex will stop giving points for Traveler Checks purchases on April 2nd. Be warned.

Sorry to those readers who don't care for collecting points or miles. You'll just have to bear with me...

I was in Manhattan the other day, so I stopped off at one of the American Express Travel Offices and purchased $1,000 in travelers checks on my Starwood Amex. No extra fees - Total charge is $1,000. I then deposited the checks in my bank account, and used the money to pay my credit card bill. That's 1,000 free Starwood points! If I would have had my other Amex cards with me, I could have done $1000 on each card.

Amex keeps on changing the rules for Travelers Checks. A while back, you were able to buy checks checks online, with an additional fee. You can't do that anymore, but if you go into one of their offices, you can buy them with no extra fee. Currently, you can spend a maximum of $1,000 per Amex card per month. Also, it does not work with American Express Charge cards which earn Membership Rewards points. You can use any other Amex card, like Starwood, Delta or Citi American Airlines Amex etc.

It seems that if you buy $3,000 or more of the travelers checks (using 3 different Amex cards) you will need to fill out a long form. If that scares you, keep it under $3,000 each time.

Find an Amex office near you.

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Bob said...

I was told that buying these on my amex card was a cash advance thereby costing the interest payment. Is that true or would this be like any other credit card purchase? said...

In my experience up until now, it has been posting as a purchase. From all the the people I've heard back from, along with the Flyertalk community, I have yet to hear from someone that it went through as a cash advance.

Make sure you are buying it at a Amex Travel Office.

Although Amex can change the rules whenever they please...

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