Monday, January 12, 2009

Bank Account Signup Bonuses

It's not only credit cards that offer miles as a signup bonus, banks do it too!

Here are some current offers for Chase Checking Account:
Personal - 25,000 miles. Business - 25,000 miles.

Read the details on the promotion page to see what you have to do to qualify.

Both checking accounts require direct deposit for the signup promotion and keep the account free. Transferring money from most banks online works as direct deposit for Chase and Citi.

If you are opening a new Chase account, send me an email. I can give you a code you can use, and maybe pocket another $25.

I plan on opening another Chase account one of these days to get the 21,000 miles. I'm not sure if you need the $65 card to get the 11,000 or if the $25 card is enough, I will probably get the $65 just to be sure. Update: I signed up and took the $25 card, should be fine. I opened one last year, but you can open a new Chase account every year. I will keep you posted.

Bank accounts and credit
Some bank accounts do a hard pull and some do a soft pull. Also, the bank account shouldn't show up on your credit report unless you sign up for overdraft protection. In my experience, opening Citi and Chase accounts were both soft pulls (unless you apply for overdraft protection). If someone does get a hard pull, please let me know. Read this article for more info on hard/soft pulls.

21,000 Continental miles, 15,000 United miles (refresh the links to create a unique certificate number) or $100.
Citi Checking Account: 20,000 American Airlines miles or $100

If you are opening a Citi account, ask on the phone if you can open a EZ Checking, like that the account is free with direct deposit. The regular checking seems to be free only with minimum balance of $6,000. I opened my Citi account in a branch, and they waived any fees for the first year. It wasn't with this AA promotion though.


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