Saturday, January 10, 2009

Free 3 Month Trial of Amazon Prime

I have Amazon Prime and love the free 2-day shipping.

Promotion Link

Add this book to your cart using the link that says "Add to cart with free two-day shipping". The link is in orange, under the regular link.

Click through till the final checkout page. At the final checkout page, it will say that you have been signed up for Amazon Prime free trial for 3 months. DO NOT submit the order, just close the page (or delete the item from your cart). You don't need to buy anything!

Once you're signed up, click here and make sure to 'turn off auto upgrade', so that you won't automatically be charged the $79 annual fee once the 3 months are up.

This only works with a Amazon account that has never been signed up for Prime. Even with a new account, it will not work with a credit card number and billing address that has been previously used for Prime...

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Ashrainu said...

Thanks, this was a great tip, and very easy to do!

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