Monday, January 26, 2009

In Review - Free Miles And Money. Plus Hotels for $1 a night.

Opened another Citi AA Card
I applied and was approved for another Citi Business card for me and my wife. That's another 50,000 miles! It's amazing how easy it is to get so many things for free! Stay tuned for a easy strategy to getting hundreds of thousands of American Airline miles a year!

E-Trade bank account

I opened up a E-Trade savings account for myself and wife. $25 signup bonus for each of us, total of $50. See post.

Sprint 25% Discount.
My bill closed and the 25% off was reflected on the bill! Congratulations to all who got in.

0% APR credit card offers
More 0% APR offers added to original post.

Up to 2,000 AA miles.
I updated the link to maybe getting 2000 AA miles, which I posted last week.

Hotels for $1 a night is running a promotion, where for a secret 15 minutes a day, you will be able to book rooms at $1 a night. Promotion is running this week and next. You can sign up to get clues as to when the 15 minutes will be. Check it out.
It started today, and they seem to make it real real difficult to get the $1 a night even if you do catch the right 15 minutes. But, some people have gotten in, so you decide if you want to go for it.
I'll let you know if I score anything.


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