Monday, January 19, 2009

In Review - Including: free miles, thoughts on Citi AA cards and cheaper pampers.

Update: Free miles link was corrected!

Here's another In Review and random ideas post. Here's the first one for those interested. We'll see, maybe this will turn in to a weekly post.

Maybe get up to 2,000 American Airline miles
Click here and maybe get 500 miles per newsletter you sign up to receive, the maximum seems to be 2,000 miles. I say maybe cause it says that its only for those that got their email. I did not get the email and signed up and got a confirmation email saying that I will be getting the 1,500 miles for signing up for three newsletters, the other ones I was signed up for already. Try it, you have nothing to lose. If after entering your information, it doesn't say on the page that you will be getting 500 miles per newsletter, than you are probably out of luck.

2nd Chase Account.
I opened a 2nd Chase bank account. I already have a Chase checking account from last year which I use regularly, so I was actually kind of wondering if they would comment about my opening a 2nd checking account. But the bank rep was more than happy to open a second account for me without any questions. I ended up taking the $25 annual-fee debit card and not the $65 one, all evidence seems to show that it should work as well. I will let you know when my miles post. Bank offer.

Fiji Water - Delta Miles
My water arrived - Hopefully miles will too. I did get a email from Fiji saying that the miles will be posted within 5 business days. We'll see. Now I have to cancel my subscription.

My Thoughts On Citi AA Cards
As you probably know by now, Citi AA cards are my favorite cards to churn. There are two things though, that make me worry about the continuation of the 25,000 mile signup bonus, Citi stopped advertising these American Airline cards (They used to pay websites to advertise these cards, they now stopped that) and the latest financial issues with Citi.

In any case, I hope that this promotion stays on for a long time, but if anyone is planning on opening a Citi AA card in the near future, they should consider applying sooner rather than later.

Pampers - Smaller boxes are cheaper.
A note to those who buy Pampers on Amazon, which in my opinion is the best and simplest place to buy, especially with Prime.
Although buying the really big Pampers boxes (Economy Plus Pack) are usually cheapest, the smaller boxes (Value Pack) actually come out cheaper using Subscribe and Save.
For example: Size 3 pampers, with the big boxes are around 22 cents a diaper and with the smaller boxes are around 20 cents a diaper.
You can always cancel all future shipments with the click of a button.


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