Monday, January 12, 2009

In Review - Random Musings

Dear reader,

I decided to try something new. Every so often I will put up a post which will include updates on previous posts, things that I'm currently up to, along with some current promotions and deals that for whatever reason do not warrant their own post. Let me know what you think.

Scholastic Order
My Scholastic order arrived. I was quite impressed. The stuff is really amazing and only $1 a piece!!! Some of the things are already out of stock. If you are either a teacher or have kids of your own, you must check it out!
I signed up as a homeschool and got the order shipped to my house.

Redneck Bank
Looking for a high yield bank account? Check out Redneck Bank, they are offering a 5.25% APY checking account! If you think the name of the bank is a bit odd, you gotta check out their site, and get a good laugh.
Downside: You have to use their debit card 10 times a month, and deposit some money each month. Though their card looks kind of cool actually...
Follow the discussion in this Fatwallet thread.

Sprint 25% off bill
I'm waiting for my Sprint bill to see if it will include the 25% off, hopefully it will. I will let you know either way. People have said that the discount doesn't work with the Sero plan, which I have. We'll see.

Free sippy cup arrived.
It's a nice free sample, which actually came, and is still available.

Oh, and here is an Amazon Sale
Amazon is having a Kitchen & Home 48-Hour Sale today and tomorrow.

That's all for now.


Anonymous said...

is A2A transfer the same as ACH transfer?

redneck bank)any easy ways of racking up 10 transactions?
(can you credit yourself or something?) said...

I don't know.

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