Sunday, January 3, 2010

ING Quick $25 Signup Bonus

Update: I refreshed the signup bonus links, they should be working now.

Open an ING Online Savings Account, which is a good account to have, and make a quick $25 (potentially up to $525).

They are offering $25 as a signup bonus provided you deposit $250. The $25 signup bonus is available after 30 days. There are no fees for the account, and there is no minimum you need to keep in the account after the 30 days are over. There is also no credit inquiry when applying for an ING savings account, so it won't lower your credit at all.

If you don't have an online savings account, it is a good idea to open one because:
a. Interests rates are higher than a regular bank
b. If you open a checking account which requires direct deposit to waive the fee, you can usually fulfill the requirements by depositing money from an online bank account. And you can even set it up so it should automatically deposit $1 a month, and take out a $1 a month as well...

Below are some one-time-use links for $25 opening an ING account with a $25 signup bonus. If the link has already been used, you will see a message to that effect as soon as you click the link. If that happens, come back here and try a different link. I will refresh the links each time they are used (So, if they are both used, just come back soon and try again). You can also email me to request a link.

$25 Signup Bonus Link #1
$25 Signup Bonus Link #2

Once you sign up for ING, you can refer up to 50 people to open their own accounts. You receive $10 per person who signs up.


Anonymous said...

FDIC insured?

Anonymous said...

can you fund from a Credit Card? said...

Yes, it is FDIC insured. Link.
As far as I know, you can't fund with a credit card.

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