Thursday, January 22, 2009

Replacing My Lightbulbs

A few days ago, I decided to change four burnt out fluorescent light bulbs in my house. Remembering that the Commercial Electric package said that the bulbs are guaranteed to last for seven years while mine only lasted for three, I figured, let's see if the company will stand by its word.

So, I called the number printed on the lightbulbs. It was a easy five minute call, without waiting on hold forever, and they sent out new lightbulbs! My bulbs arrived today, and they are the exact type which I previously had. I had to read them the serial numbers, so they knew exactly which bulbs to send. I saved myself the time and money of going to the store and buying new ones. I was quite impressed with the customer service!

Dealing with companies regarding their warranties can sometimes be a breeze, and other times it just is not worth the time and effort. Well, this one was definitely worth my time!

I will be writing up my experience on trying to get warranty assistance from different companies, and when it is worth it to deal with a warranty and when not.


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