Thursday, February 19, 2009 - Free Transunion Credit Score, Plus Fico Score Estimator

Yesterday I wrote about getting your Experian report and score. Here's a free Transunion score from Credit Karma.

You can get a free Transunion score from You can check back as often as you like to get an updated score, for free. They give you just a score, without a credit report.

This isn't your Fico score, but being that you can recheck it whenever you want, you can get an ideas if your score is going up or down.

Fico Score Estimator
Fico has a free Score Estimator, where you answer a few questions and it gives you an estimate of what your Fico score should be. They give you your score within a 50 point range, say, from 735-785. It's not as accurate as getting you real Fico score, but its free. It's neat because the questions they ask you can help you understand how they formulate a score. Then, if you change some of your answers, you can see how that will affect your score.

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