Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Filing My Taxes - Now On Sale! is a great web-based tax return preparation software. I used Taxact to file my taxes the past few years. I've read that TurboTax is better for complicated returns, but for most people TaxAct is perfect, and the price is great.

Preparing your return
It's user friendly, and you don't need to understand how taxes work when using TaxAct. It asks you for all the information in step-by-step, easy to understand questions and answers, so you don't need to fill out any complicating forms. It automatically does all that for you! If you are tax savvy, you can also access the actual tax forms, and fill them out yourself.

Also, everything is done online, and here is nothing to install. If you are worried about filing your taxes online, they have a pricier downloadable version.

You don't need to complete your tax return in one shot. Whenever you log out, everything is automatically saved, and you can stop and continue whenever you want.
If you used TaxAct last year, all your information is automatically saved, so you don't need to type it in again.

TaxAct can e-file your tax returns. Alternatively, you can print out and mail the tax return. You can choose to get the refund automatically deposited right in to your bank account, which will get you the money quicker than a paper check (which you can request as well).

What I really like:
Refund Meter:
On the top right side it shows the refund (or what you owe) in real time. As you are filling out your information, any changes you make to your income or expenses will immediately change the amount shown for your refund. You can change things around as often as you like before actually filing your return. This is one of the best features of TaxAct! So, think hard if you can remember any more income or expenses that can help you out...

I use the Ultimate Version of TaxAct which warns you of any discrepancies, or things that might cause an audit. It includes Federal and State, and free support from tax specialists. It costs $16.95, and now its on sale for $11.90! This is far cheaper then any other tax filing software (or accountant) out there. Also, you don't have to pay until you are ready to file.

Save a copy of your returns!

After you pay, save/print a copy, so you can have access to it in the future. Taxact charges a fee if you need to access your tax return again in the future.

Try it out for free
Even if you pay an accountant to file your taxes, I recommend trying out TaxAct. Its totally free to play around with, they just won't actually let you file unless you pay. This way you can see if your accountant is getting the maximum refund for you, and you will get a better understanding of how taxes are filed, and maybe next year, you will do it yourself.
Note: If you are trying it out, click on the Ultimate Bundle, like that you will be seeing your State refunds as well, and not only federal. Also, when trying it out, you don't even need to enter your real information...

Now on sale!
The regular price for the Ultimate Bundle is $16.95. Right now its on sale for $11.90!


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If you qualify, looks great!
If someone's filing for the first time, I would suggest checking them both out, just to make sure you are getting the maximum refund.
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