Sunday, February 22, 2009

Flights From New York to Europe Under $300! (Including London)

Following these steps will get you flights to Europe for as low as $212!
Hurry! You never know how long this will last! The fare itself will last till 02/26, but the glitch may not...
1) Go to Some routes might be available only through Orbitz, but then there are booking fees.
2) Choose 'Multicity'
3) Enter your details for flights 1 and 2, then add flight 3.
Flight #1: NYC to your destination in Europe
Flight #2: Europe back to NYC
Flight #3: NYC to YYZ (Toronto)
4) Place a check by 'Search by price' and by 'Include Star Alliance flights'
Adding flight #3 from New York to Toronto takes away the fuel surcharges, which makes the total so low! Remember, you don't actually need to fly from NYC to Toronto...

Sample itineraries:
EWR-FCO (Rome) 03/04 - 03/11-12 $212
EWR-LHR (London) 04/06 - 04/21 $278.80
All flights seem to include a stopover. If you need direct, or you can't find a cheap fare, then check out Continental, they have decent prices to Europe.

As with all such deals, do not call United while the fare is still available! Let's try and keep this under the radar...

Some notes:
- Check mid-week flights for best prices.
- Must be booked seven days in advance.
- Flights to England are more expensive because of British taxes.
- Flight #3 does not need to be on the same day as flight #2.
- Works for flights till mid May.
- There is always that slight chance that United will try to charge you the fuel surcharge in the airport. From what I've read on Flyertalk it shouldn't happen. Even if it does, you shouldn't have a problem disputing the charges on your credit card.


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