Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Free Cell Phone Plan For Low Income Households

Lifeline is a program that subsidizes phone service for low income households.

Update: AssuranceWireless is another option to check out. They offer 200 minutes a month.

Tracfone, a prepaid phone service, is now offering Safelink Wireless, a free cell phone for those who qualify. This is done through Lifeline, so it has the same requirements as Verizon landline service, which I previously wrote about. You are only meant to have one Lifeline plan per household. So, if you already have a Lifeline landline, you should decide which is more important to you.

You get a free phone and 68 free minutes a month. The amount of minutes per month can vary from state to state. It's currently available in Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. If you need more minutes, you can always buy Tracfone airtime minutes.

A really nice thing about this cellphone, as with all Tracfone cell phones, is that there is no extra charge to call many international countries! So, in theory, you can use all 68 minutes a month to call international. As a side note, if you ever use your prepaid cellphone to call international, then Tracfone beats T-mobile by far, which charges $1.60 a minute to most countries!

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