Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Free Experian and Transunion Credit Reports

Update: Here's the link for Equifax.

For those trying to stay on top of their credit, and are looking for ways to check their reports, here is a way to check your Transunion and Experian credit reports for free, even after you used up your once a year reports from

Note: This is officially meant to be used if you are thinking of disputing something on your report, although you don't actually have to dispute anything. If you don't dispute anything the first time you check your report (or even if you do), you can always check back again...


Click here, enter your information, and get your free report.
If you have a Experian report number from a previous time you checked you Experian report, you can click here instead for a shorter form.

Click here. If you have an account with Transunion, log in. If not, click 'First Time'.
If you check your Transunion report, you have to wait a month till you can get a new one. You can check back less than a month later, but you will see the same report like you saw the first time.

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