Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In Review. Canceling Citi AA Cards and New Sprint Phone.

10,000 AA miles For Trying To Cancel
I called Citi to cancel one of my AAdvantage Business cards, as the first year is over in a few months. I was transferred over to someone who offered me 5,000 miles not to cancel, which I gladly accepted. I will call back next month to cancel again... Once I saw how easy that was, my wife called to cancel one of her cards, and the same thing happened. I used to call and consolidate cards. Not anymore.
The only thing is, the rep told me that the 5000 miles count towards the maximum miles per card, which is 100,000 a year for platinum, and 60,000 for gold and Amex. So, if you spent that already, ask for $50 instead.

If you are churning Citi cards, here's how to try and squeeze a few extra miles out of your cards:
Business Cards: After six month's just call to cancel. Being that you don't really need the credit anyway, if they offer you miles to stay, good. If not, not.
Personal Cards: After six months, first call citi and ask them to move all but $2,000 to a different citi card ($2,000 is the lowest amount you can leave in an open account). Then call to cancel the card. Even if Citi cancels the card before you have a chance to back out or to ask to first move the credit over, you didn't really lose out. In any event, Citi AA cards don't report the credit line to the reporting agencies.

If you're not interested in dealing with Citi trying to convince you to keep the card, then just call Citi and tell them you want to consolidate cards. Like that Citi won't try to convince you to leave the card open, as they don't see it as canceling a card. (Although that's exactly what you're doing.) When you do consolidate, make sure you are consolidating the one you want to cancel into the one you are leaving open, not the other way around.

New Free Sprint Phone
I called Sprint technical support about my phone which was having issues.
I was expecting a long and tiring conversation. I was in for a surprise. After two minutes, telling the Sprint rep that I tried all their 'solutions', he sent me out a free new phone. I have Total Equipment Protection, which includes warranty coverage.
Actually, they wanted to send out a refurbished model, so it took some convincing to get a new model instead. In any event, I was very pleased with their service this time around.
Last time I needed to replace my phone, I went through the insurance program which cost me $50, so this was really nice. Now with the 25% off my bill and my new phone, I'm happy.

2500 Miles From Fiji Finally Posted
I now can feel good drinking their water...

Calling Collect
My wife called Citi the other day, and was placed on hold for a while. She hung up and called the collect number, and was immediately helped!


Levi said...

Sprint Phone: i don't understand, Why did you not need to pay the $50.00 deductible? because you called sprint directly instead of calling the insurance company?, Because you have a different type of insurance protection on your phone?

BuyRightSpendLess.com said...

I got the phone for free by calling and dealing directly with technical support, and not with Asurion.

You should be able to get a free replacement as long as you have ESRP, which costs $3 a month.
Some people have been successful in getting a free replacement even without having any insurance. With Sprint it has always been a hit or miss...

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I'd ever feel good about drinking Fiji Water. Check out the Mother Jones article, basically taking them to task for everything from environmental bullying to the company's support of the military junta in Fiji. Ugh.

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