Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In Review. Free Tax Filing, Hotel Promotion, Expired Food and Cheaper Pampers.

Filing Taxes? Check out TaxFreedom.com
Last week I wrote how people could file taxes on their own, and recommended using TaxAct.com. A reader suggested checking out TaxFreedom from TurboTax.
I checked it out and it looks good, and the price is right. Free! The layout of TaxFreedom is different than TaxAct, not sure which one is better.
Not all states are included, and your income can't be too high in order to qualify. But if it works for you, then you basically get the same thing as TaxAct, for free. I'm not sure though if there is free support from Turbo Tax.
In any event, make sure to file taxes!

Another HotelClub Promotion: Update: Doesn't seem to work anymore
Unfortunately, Lastminutetravel's $1 sale turned out to be a waste of time. But here's another hotel promotion from HotelClub.com: Get $40 off a one-night stay. First register with this promotion for $20 (unless you already have money in your account from a previous promotion), then click here for another $20. Their prices are often more expensive than other sites, so make sure you're really saving. The $40 can only go towards prepaid hotels. The money might expire on 02/15, so if you're going to use it, do it quick.

Want cheap food? Buy it Expired!
I can't stand when grocery stores sell food that either expired already or are close to it. When a store has a big sale, I especially look at the best by date to check when it's going to expire. Well, what do you know; here is an English site that officially sells expired food! Approvedfood.co.uk. Wow.

Cheaper Pampers at BabiesRus.com
I just checked out Pamper prices on BabiesRus, and the prices are cheaper than Amazon.

And here's a GPS on sale
Amazon's deal of the day is the Garmin 760 for $199.


Anonymous said...

I checked out the pampers on babysrus, it looks like amazon is still cheaper after tax...

BuyRightSpendLess.com said...

Interesting point. In New York there is no sales tax on diapers, that's why babiesrus comes out cheaper. My guess is, you live somewhere where they do charge sales tax on diapers. I didn't think about that.

When buying Pampers on Amazon, make sure to buy the Value Pack, using Subscribe and Save, not the Economy Plus Pack.

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