Monday, February 2, 2009

In Review : Tmobile Promotion, 25% off Sprint bill, more free money and save time by calling collect!

T-Mobile Promotion Active Again
The $25 free refill card is back on again, and the Nokia 1208 is back in stock. Link.

Sprint 25% off still seems to work
A few people have reported that they have gotten 25% off their Sprint bill in the past few days. Click here for original post. It seems to work by either clicking this link, or through Sprint e-chat and asking Sprint to add the 25% off for Cox Enterprises on your account.
If the Sprint rep doesn't want to help you, you can always try again.
Just in case this helps, here is the info that seems to come up by Sprint: Cox Enterprises Station (a non-standard affiliate of Cox Enterprises) Discount: 25% Information from AART Corp ID: NACOX_ZST

Chase Checking $150

My wife opened a Chase checking account with a $150 signup bonus. They also offer Continental miles, but since she doesn't collect Continental miles, we decided to get cash instead.
If you would rather the money, check your mailbox for offers from Chase. They seem to be sending them quite often. The $150 bonus doesn't seem to be available online.
Note: On the money you will need to pay taxes, but not on the miles.

Citi - Another 50,000
AA miles
My wife applied and was approved for the Personal MasterCard and Amex. That's in addition to her business card from last week. Now she will take a break for a while, as her Equifax Fico score dropped ten points because of the three inquiries.

$12 check from Amex claim

In 2005, there was a lawsuit against Amex for charging the foreign transaction fees. Back then, I filled out a paper to get some money. I just got a check in the mail for $12.66, so I'm rich :)
If you get mail from Lipuma Class Action Settlement Administrator, don't throw out the check, its not junk mail!

Save Time - Call Collect!
What do you do if you call your credit card company, and they place you on hold for too long?

Well, Chaim tells me that after waiting on hold for too long, he just hung up and called the collect number that is meant to be called from overseas. You don't actually have to call collect. Just call that number. As soon as he called the collect number, he was helped immediately! It seems like the company doesn't want a big phone bill... Cool idea!

Note: I don't remember ever being on hold for too long when calling Amex!


Anonymous said...

About the Chase bunos, if I got the miles bonus, can I sign up for another account a month or 2 later for the cash? said...

From Chase's Terms and Conditions: "Limit one personal checking account-related award/premium per customer, per calendar year."

So unless you opened last account in 2008, it doesn't look like it should work. If you are successful though, be sure to let us know...

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