Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Net10 Prepaid Cellphone plus 600 minutes for $22

Update 03/07: They now have a LG 300 for $30.00, which also comes with the 300 minute card!
Update 03/04:
They seem be out of the Nokia 1600's. They may come back in stock at any time. Other phones are also decent, but don't come with the additional 300 minute card.

Net10 has a refurbished Nokia 1600 prepaid cell phone for $22, after tax should come out to under $24, and free shipping.
Add promotion codes: 34567 and 44477
The original price on the phone before discount is $29.99
Make sure to choose the cheapest shipping method, and the shipping charge should drop to zero at checkout.
Update 02/27: I just got my phone. Shipping was real fast.

The phone comes preloaded with 300 minutes which lasts for 60 days. The phone also comes with an additional 300 minutes card. Totaling 600 minutes which last up to four months. It comes out to under four cents a minute, which is an amazing price for prepaid cellphones. Each international minute is one and a half airtime minutes.

If someone needs a cellphone for short amount of time, or if someone is coming to the US to visit, this is perfect. I personally never used their service, but it looks great. So I bought myself one.

For a long term prepaid phone, I still recommend T-mobile. Unless you want to call international, in which case Tracfone would be best, as long as you get a good promotion.


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