Friday, March 27, 2009

Check Out These Useful Web Sites

Sorry for the long delay... Thanks for being patient!

I once compiled a List Of Useful Sites, and over time I posted more sites to check out as well.
I prepared a few more. I'm sure you will find at least one of them new and useful.

Here they are:
This site lets you register all your phone numbers on to the 'Do Not Call' registry, which is supposed to stop telemarketers from calling you. It might not block all spam, but it sure does help.
A blog dedicated to everything related to credit. If you want to stay up to date on all credit related news, and like to really understand credit, its a great blog. I discovered it a short while ago, and like it.
If you are looking for practical credit advice, read the Credit Help articles, and the Credit Education Series, right here on my blog.
This site lets you e-mail large files, up to 100MB each (Gmail allows up to 25MB). You can only download the attachment for 7 days from when the email is sent. After that, the link expires. It's free and it works.
This site was made by a pilot. He lists transportation options from all different airports around the world. If you are looking for the cheapest or best way to get to or from an airport, check it out! Some of the content seems a bit dated, but it's still a great resource.
This site has cameras positioned at thousands of locations around the world. It lets you check the traffic situation for yourself. Many news stations use their cameras for their traffic reports! It only covers certain major roads though. You might find it easier to just listen to the radio, but it still is quite nice.
This site lists where there are police cars and cameras for speeding and red lights. I haven't really tried it much, but it looks cool.


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