Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In Review - Iberia Overcharges For Infants And Lifeline Update

Iberia and Infants
The sale to Europe is over, but I figured I'll share this anyways.

I was checking flights to London on and noticed, that when I added an infant, the price of the regular tickets went up by $10! At first I thought that maybe the surcharge was only for one adult, and it's some sort of additional fee for bringing along an infant. So I tried pricing a few adults with one infant. It didn't matter how many tickets were on the itinerary, the price for ALL the tickets went up by $10 each. Crazy!

Here are ways around it: Book only one adult with the infant, and book the other tickets separately, so that you only pay the extra $10 once. Or maybe call Iberia to add the infant after purchasing the adult tickets.

Lifeline Update:
Just wanted to let people know, that Lifeline (I wrote here about the $1 a month landline for low income households), is not only a basic line for $1. You can pay $10 a month for unlimited local calls instead if you want. You can also add on Caller ID for $9 a month.

Free GPS Software For Cellphones:
Link. I never used this software as my Centro doesn't have GPS. So I can't comment on the quality.


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