Sunday, March 8, 2009

Prepaid Cellphones: Short Term vs Long Term. Net10 and T-mobile On Sale.

Prepaid cellphones are great for those who need a phone short term, like if someone is visiting the US or just needs a phone for a few months. Another great use for a prepaid phone is, if someone wants a phone long term, but doesn't use too many minutes, say, under 200 minutes a month. If someone uses much more than 200 minutes a month, a monthly plan is usually cheaper.

Short term use:
Net10 has the LG 300 for $22 with free shipping after coupon code: 34567 and 44477. The original price is $30.00. It comes with 300 minutes on the phone, and another 300 minute card. The minutes will last for four months. Comes out to under 4 cents a minute! Click here for original post.
Make sure you are getting the phone with the extra 300 minute card!

Long term use:
For long term use, I recommend T-mobile. (Unless you don't mind changing your number when the Net10 runs out...) Read the review here. They currently have the Nokia 1208 back in stock for $19.99 and their free $25 refill card is back as well. See original sales post here.
Update: I just checked, and they took off the free $25 card.

If you will be calling international, then Tracfone is nice, as they have free international calling. But it will only be worth it if you get a good promotion for it.

For low income households, there's a free cell phone plan too.


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works! $8 off $19+ on any phone or accessory! Coupon Code: 34567 Expires: unknown

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