Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Free Experian Report And Score For Amex Cardholders

Are you looking for another free place to check your credit report, and have an Amex card? Here is a link to check your Experian report and score for free.
Note, the score is not Fico, so don't rely on the score too much.

Amex also has a credit monitoring service called Credit Secure, which costs $11.99 a month, where they give you access to all three credit reports and non-Fico scores. I'm actually currently using it. You can get all three reports and scores refreshed every 24 hours. I am experimenting with 'Bumpage', which is why being able to refresh the reports every 24 hours helps. I'll be writing up an article about that in the future.

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And if it interests you, here is the original post on Fatwallet.


Levi said...

is "experian"
the report that amex uses? said...

Based on my experience, and on what I've read, the answer is yes.

Anonymous said...

Credit report bumpage on equifax and transunion is still present. You just have to find the correctly coded soft enquiry. The best credit monitoring product at present for bumpage is It can be used daily- but only with a secure credit card number from citibank or bank of america. $1 day gets you a soft for B* on equifax and transunion from first advantage credco.

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