Thursday, April 30, 2009

In Review: Retention Bonus From Citi Plus Small Amounts Add Up

Canceling Citi Card:
I called Citi to cancel another Citi AA card, and unlike last time when I was offered 5,000 miles to leave the card open, this time I was offered a choice of one of the following four bonuses:
1. A certificate which I would mail in to get $50 statement credit.
2. Two miles per dollar on the first $5,000 spent during the next six months.
3. 5 miles per dollar on gas, drugstores and supermarkets for the next 12 months, I believe a maximum of $6,000, but I'm not sure.
4. If I spend $500 in the next three months, I'll get 3000 miles.

I took option #4. I would have taken #1, but I wasn't interested in the headache. We'll see what happens when I call next month to cancel... As a general rule, if you don't like what you are being offered, ask them if they can offer you something else.

Free Miles and Money:
I figured I'd share the latest small things I've gotten lately. As you can see, it all adds up. Some of the promotions expired already and some are still going on.

Delta Miles
500 for linking Delta and Northwest. Plus Delta added an additional 500 miles, making it 1,000.
500 for survey.
1,000 for registering and buying something through Delta's Shopping Portal.
400 for taking four short courses.
I also transferred some miles from a friend who won't be using theirs, with Delta's double miles promotion. (Note, if you first transfer the miles to Northwest, the fee will only be $25. If you do the transfer straight from Delta, the fee is $30)

Continental Miles
200 Miles for looking at their website.

Rebates and Free Money
$14.97 from the Diaper deal.
$25 Amex Prepaid Card for signing up with Verizon Autopay

This is besides for all the free miles and money from credit cards and bank signup bonuses, especially from Citi... Totaling thousands of dollars a year! It's really a shame that there are people who could benefit from it, but don't take advantage!

Anyway, the point is that small amount do add up. I wouldn't spend much time on small amounts, but if all it takes is a few clicks, then why not!


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